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My tribute to a cancer patient.....

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She enters my cabin, she sits slowly on the chair looking at me

I sense her apprehension, her despair, her fear

I look into her tearful eyes, I read the report, confirm the news

I purse my lips, nod my head and tell her,’We will fight it,dear’

She looks into my eyes, I see the glitter of tears in hers

Her face shows a mixed emotion, hope looks thin

On her hand on my table, I place my hand, I don’t say anything, I just look at her

And then she looks, a subdued smile, and says,” I will Fight, I will win!”

Then the ordeal starts, surgery is planned first

I walk with her to the operating room, her hubby and daughter praying at the gate

She holds my hand and says, ”Doc, please do your best, get me out of this”

“Trust me, I will”, I say; her words reverberating in my mind, while I operate

Surgery is successful, her body is rid of cancer; she recovers well

Since next day, I see a smile of hope, happiness on her face by default

She is one strong lady, a will of iron, a determination so strong

A fighter she is, now preparing herself for the next assault

Pathology report is good, but she will need further treatment

And so starts chemotherapy, the molecules enter through her tiny hand veins

Her bald head and blackish skin edges speak of the fight of body with cancer within

She smiles and tells, ”Side effects of chemo don’t bother me, I look only at its gains”

She is an inspiration, she is positive, I see her ride her way through these down times

She is unshakeable, but does feel low at times when sadness creeps in

The shoulder of her husband to rest on and her daughter’s hand on her cheeks

Rescue her from it, and place the smile on her face back in

Chemotherapy is now over, next starts radiation

Her face and body are weathered by all this treatment so high

But her positive attitude, the glow on her face, the determination in her eyes

Just stand out and teach me; Yes, I learn from her, “Never Say Die”

She visits me in my cabin, a joy on her face

Her treatment is now complete, her prayers finally heard

These six months of treatment were like six full years,

A battle so fiercely won, a disease well conquered

I see in her eyes, the eyes of a winner

Her bald head with sparse hair, her black nails tell her tale of endurance

Throughout the war, never did the smile go, her fist was always strongly clenched

Never was the grit low; even in down times, her face always had assurance

Each and every patient of mine teaches me a lot, is an inspiration for me and other patients

And I owe them for moulding me, showing me importance of life, making me tough

Life throws challenges at us, we have to be positive

Just believe in yourself, stay strong, and the path automatically opens up


I just felt like writing a poem today for the cancer patient. I respect the cancer patient. I strive for a smile on her face.

And why? Because that cancer patient is a warrior and has saved so many lives. How? 1 in 30 women are likely to suffer from breast cancer (just an example). So if one lady gets breast cancer, indirectly, she has saved 29 other ladies from getting this disease! Never forget that. Besides, every single cancer patient is a wealth of information. And knowingly or unknowingly, each one of them contributes to the progress in cancer medicine.








kontak's sister

HelpingHand's mother

and all other cancer patients and survivors on this forum....

I salute you!!

You are a fighter and a source of inspiration for others! Always...

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Doctor - tears in my eyes - since last one hour many times reading your blog - as its our own story - fighting with cancer - daily up & downs in the health - yes one thing is definite we all have to win and never have to come down.

Salute to all

dear doc,thanks a lot,for believing in yourself and thus making your patients believe in oncologist(bless her)dr.mou roy helped me at every lets all stay in touch and support each other to boost up our morale!

Thanks! That is lovely. I have tears in my eyes reading your tribute. If only all doctors had so much respect for their patients. I always believe that the relationship between a doctor and a patient is of complete trust.If there is emotional support from your doctor, your fight is always a win-win!!

My doctor, Dr, Swaminathan, is also such a great doctor and I will never ever be able to forget the 65 year old man, my doc, who I had a patient crush on ;), who saved my life!!!

Thanks Sumeet! This is really touching!

Hello Dr Sumeet Shah

We always have experiences of cancer patients,1st time I have experiences of a dr,s feelings.I have tears in my eyes which never come out through out my treatment.It is very touching.

If relationship between Dr and patient is trustful and possitive ,half battle is won there only.

My Dr Amit Aggarwal and his team SGPGI Lucknow is such a dedicated and full of possitive attitude, Who took every patient as his special person.Without whom i could,t have been survived.Thanks Dr

Thanks Dr Sumeet Shah for making us understand the feeling of a Dr. It,s really very touching. God bless you and team BCI.

Just no words to describe how I felt after reading this poem. Its completely awesome and straight from the heart!!! Salute to survivors and Respect to Dr. Sumeet Shah.

Hey Doctor, have you really written a poem for us and paid a tribute.? While reading this I went back to 11th July, 2012 when I walked into the RGCI, Rohini with the mammoreport in my hand. What you have written is the story of each one of us besides others who are not in the forum. Doc my highest respect to your feelings for your patients. Of course I did receive the same warmth from the team inRGCI too. Do you know Doc my daughter's moth er -in - law survived with the. Disease for 17 years and passed away on 29th May, 2012 and I was looking after her and I was diagonisedwith the disease on 11th July, 2012. We all have somekindof plans for our life but HE is the one who executes his own plans hHE has for every person in this universe. Anyway thank you for the tribute and we accept it graciously and jointly say WE SHALL FIGHT TILL THE END!

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I am happy all of you liked the poem. I knew you all would. You will see yourself in it. I wrote it straight from my heart. The way I see all my patients. And believe me, my profession has completely changed me. I derive a lot of inspiration from my patients. They teach me life. Truly. My patients' smiles mean a lot to me. A Lot! And I will work for my life, to keep those smiles up. That's the only aim of my life.

Read the following post on our FB page, where I have written how, the biggest lesson of my life, came from children suffering from cancer.

Maybe I will post the above link in another blog.

Dear Dr. Shah,

Very touching poem...enjoyed reading it. It is true that our patients are the true inspiration behind our work and they are the real heroes (or heroines) in case of breast cancer.

Dear Dr. S shah,

I feel that the poem is Hope to cancer patients and survivors, thanks ..

Prof. R .R JOSHI.

Now i know what we look like from the other side of the table !!!

You have so captured that moment, sitting with our surgeon, not knowing what the future will bring so well. My surgeon was an angel from heaven, who, like you, walked me through every step of my surgery and recovery. I was additionally blessed with a breast oncologist, one of the best in the country, and an amazing pair of radiologists. I stop in to say hello to them when I am in their part of the world so they can see that 5 years later the tears are gone, the fear is gone, and I feel whole again. Always a mutual hug, as they, like you, care about each and every patient, and a hug only begins to show my gratitude, which no words can ever adequately express.

Your patients, and the people on this site, are blessed to have such a caring doctor to support them through the bad times. I hope that, as Mintz suggested, people will stay in touch and share their stories of survival as they move on to their new normal, so that he next group of new patients can see that there is hope, and joy, and laughter in their futures!

Ys Dr Sumeet u hav summarizied it,all of us r facing the same emotions.....i felt so touched by reading this.There is no point asking why me .

awesome and true lines...couldnt contol d tear from my eyes...lets stay positive and fight out......

Thanks for the poem...Think positive and stay strong to beat..try to increase awareness of cancer to find it in early stages.

Wish you very long life so that you can serve more cancer patients.

This comes from heart.

Salute to you & all.

Very well written indeed!

I just joined this community and so happy to have found a community solely dedicated to Indian bc patients. I got diagnosed with TNBC ( triple negative, as most people here are aware of) last year. I have a 5 year old child and the diagnosis came as a shock. I want to add that my mammograms and ultrasound came all benign and it got diagnosed only because of my insistence for a FNAC. I urge all ladies not to be casual about any lump. I am done with surgery and chemos and currently my radiations are going on. I hope to meet with more fighters and survivors and doctors here.

Best wishes

Just got to read this wonderful post Dr. Sumeet. Such heart touching lines, they took me to the times when my mom went for surgery or chemos. I have tears in my eyes, but smile on my lips for the bravery of my mom, proud to be her daughter. Wish God gives lots of strength to all such brave ladies fighting this disease.

Wish you a very long life so you can continue giving this hope to others.

Salute to you and all!

Namaste. Well said.


It is so moving that it is like reliving my experience last year. I have fought back this dreaded disease and came out healthy and positive. Thanks to my family and friends, team of medical professionals like my surgeon, radiologists and medical oncologists, nurses etc. I can't thank them enough for the kind of support I received from every one

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