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I need help in breast cancer

Dear all 5 days ago i got report that my mother age 58 has Er Pr positive n nue her negative. . I m very much confused what to do please help me about this some dr. Says she has breast cancer and you have to take her hospital for chemotherapy but it is so costly n m not having that much capable is that chemo req or ny other treatment or hosp in pune ...

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Dear Nilesh, don't worry. Please do the following things:

1. Speak in detail with the doctor who operated upon your mother as to what is the stage of the cancer

2. Ask your doctor what further treatment needs to be done.

3. If chemotherapy and other treatments are suggested, work out the approximate total cost by asking your doctor.

4. If budget is overshooting, request your Oncologists to suggest NGO and help.

5. Still if issue, my sincere advise would be to take your mother to Tata Memorial Centre. No hospital in India will give as cheap and as best a care that Tata Memorial in Mumbai can give.


Thank you so much ...i asked mean while a onco docter he suggested me for chemo n hormone treatment n the it cost 1.20 lack ...


Nilesh, You need to share some medical reports for a proper assessment of what needs to be done. Details like tumour size, stage, whether metastasis or not etc.

ER/PR +ve and Her2 -ve is a better position. I presume surgery has already been done? If not surgery is to be done first followed by Chemotherapy and Radiation (if required) and hormonal treatment for next 5 years atleast.

I am not a doctor but my wife just underwent surgery and she is under chemotherapy treatment. Doctors have suggested 4 cycles and she has just finished first cycle.

Shankara Cancer Hospital in Bangalore is a reasonably good & less expensive hospital for cancer treatment. Please reply for me to guide you further


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Nilesh, Surgery & 3 days of hospitalisation (with general ward) costs about 50K only and each chemotherapy cycle costs about 5-6K with general day care wards. So I think costwise it is quite reasonable in Shankara Cancer Hospital.

No doubt Tata Cancer Hospital is the best


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Thanks for your reply

My mother breast surgery done 20 days ago n now oncologists suggest us to undergo with some test like

2d ecco


Blood test etc. n then he will start the chemotherapy he suggested us 8 cycle of it..

Dose the test is required before chemo n 8 cycle dose side effect..


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