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8th March : Women's Day

8th March : Women's Day

A daughter:

A beautiful innocence in her play

A jewel in her lovely eyes

A power in her tight hug

A magic touch of her fingers on a daddy's cheeks, a magic hug, capable of dissolving all stress; and bring a smile on face and a warmth in heart

A never ending source of love and joy

A wife:

An affection so warm

A care so touching

A love for her family so beautiful

A bond with her hubby so profound

Juggling multiple tasks and keeping the house fit, alive and happy

She is the first to wake up in the day and the last to sleep

A never ending source of love and dedication

A mother:

A god in other words

A tree under whose shade life evolves

A protecting force beyond all powers

Born only to give

A never ending source of love and warmth

The same love... In different roles....

The true essence of life - a woman - in her different forms

No words can suffice to describe her

A woman can replace a man

But a man can never replace a woman


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heart touching....this is truth...but few women dont understand their I would like to say...all the member of this forum....keep the living sprit always high bcu our families needs you....salute to all brave women's. .

A woman can replace a man

But a man can never replace a woman..


Yipeee!! Happy women's Day. N thanks Manish and Dr Sumeet for these kind words.


so true but how many realize it


Thanks Doc and Manish. How are you all keeping forum friends? Had a family Women's Day at home yesterday. Stay well all.


very true. thanks sir for sharing this wonderful poem.


Very nice words. Thanks for sharing


Really women plays all roles in different forms Very nice words


Thanks Sir and Manish,


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