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Breast cancer during pregnancy to my sister

hello friends,

This is Anant . my sister is 26 years old and one and half month before she has been reported that she is having the Breast cancer in right breast and also in the axilla. she is also having pregnancy of 5 months. she has undergone the surgery on 13/03/16 and first chemo on 29/03/16. I am very much  afraid about her and the baby. weather this chemo will affect them or not.

how should I face this problem and what precaution I can take for them to fight against this  disease.

please friends suggest me the way.

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Hi Anant - welcome to the forum.  Very sorry to hear about your sister.  See to give her the best.  Ask your oncologists also. I have not gone thro such a situation still.  Lets ask our doctors and team members advice

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Hello Anant Sorry to hear about your sister.

Don't worry , everything will be fine very soon.

Below is a v nice article featuring the same case.


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Dear Anant, 

This is a very special scenario, although Breast cancer in Pregnancy is not new, and we do see such scenarios in about 9% in the western population and 2% in the Indian Setup. 

Both the mother and the baby are precious and i m sure your oncologist would have spent enough sessions with your sister counselling her in taking up this challenge of fighting this out. 

Your sister is in the 2nd trimester (there are 3 in all) and the chemotherapy drugs are reasonably well tested, though no one can really give 100% guarantee and the key here is to stay connected with her obstetrician who will carefully and continuously monitor the baby on one side, and at the same time her oncologist who will take care of your sister and plan the chemotherapy cycles very carefully and cautiously.

As imprincess has given a wonderful link, you may be pleased to hear, there have been scores of successful outcomes all over the world as well as in India, where both mother and baby have come out of this and are leading normal lives.

Stay focussed, be an inspiration to your sister and think positive... 

Say "ALL Z WELL"  ..." ALL z WELL" 

My best wishes to your family at difficult times.

Dr Rohit Malde MD, DNB, FRCR (UK)

Consultant Clinical & Radiation Oncologist

Nanavati Superspeciality Hospital


Thank you friends  for your valuable suggestions.

My sister's Hb  and wbc count getting low. Some spots are there on her neck and hands. What should I do?


Please have your sister discuss this with her doctors. Treatment often causes low counts. Sometimes the next treatment is delayed until the counts recover to a safe level. As your sister's situation is special she should consult with both her obstetrician and her oncologist and have the two doctors consult to decide the best course going forward.


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Hi Anant,

Very sorry to hear about your sister brother I have written a article related to alternative treatments ,sharing with you please go through it may help.



Killcancer, you have been a nuisance and have spammed the forum with your personal links, trying to advertise, which are clearly against the rules of the forum. Are you trying to tell a lady who is pregnant and suffering from cancer, to try some natural therapy so as to cure cancer?? It is exactly people like you who spread such unproven and ghastly remedies because of which India loses 70,218 women (and more), to cancer every year.

You are restricted from this forum. One more post, and you will be thrown out. 


Dangerous advice! Especially as your sister is pregnant! This was in response to Kill Cancer!


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