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Taking Boron

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Have decided to try taking Boron. Want to avoid taking medication although I do take vitamins D and K 2. Any advice please on dosage and best place to buy? I also have some osteoarthritis - mainly in neck and I have read that it can help here too. Grateful for any thoughts!

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I don't think it's very much. After all, if the boron content of five prunes is considered helpful, it can't be a very high amount. Webmd suggests between 1 and 13 mg daily. It is a micronutrient so you should be very careful about taking a supplement without medical guidance. There should be enough in your diet if you eat fruit and vegetables.

I've been taking boron for over 5 years now, usually Nature's Way, 3mg per day. I buy it online through iHerb or Amazon amazon.co.uk/Natures-Way-Bo...

I also take magnesium and vitamin K2. I don't need vitamin D as there's plenty of sun here in Australia 😊

I've seen anything between 3mg and 20mg recommended, although I've also read that the first 3mg provides most of what our bodies need.

I take vit d3 and vit k as a spray, 3mg of boron and 450mg of magnesium. If you take a calcium supplement magnesium show be taken at least 2 hours after calcium and a ratio of 2:1 that is 1000mg calcium so 500mg magnesium. Magnesium and calcium fight for absorption hence the need to separate them. This doesn't apply to dietary calcium. Have you ever been tested for hyperparathyroidism? It is a known cause of osteoporosis. Diagnosis starts with a blood test for high calcium in your blood followed by a test for calcium and parathyroid hormone from the same blood draw. Hyperparathyroidism can be cured by a simple operation and can result in an improvement of your osteoporosis. Just a couple of blood tests could change your life......

Thorne make a mineral complex that has no calcium in. unfortunately I’ve only found it on sale in the US so have to import it. I take that in the evening then wait a few hours before bedtime magnesium.

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