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Boron, sex hormones and osteoporosis

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I have been supplementing with Boron following some research on studies of how Boron affects sex hormones. My level of free testosterone was 234pmol when normal range is 225-725. SHBG is a related hormone that blocks how much testosterone is ‘free’ to be used. My level of this was 100nmol, with normal range of 10 – 50. I supplemented with 6mg of Boron per day, and added foods to my diet for another 3mg/day – nuts, raisins, apricots etc. After 3 months, my SHBG reduced to 73, and my free testosterone had increased to 372. Low testosterone is one cause of osteoporosis for males so I am delighted to get such significant results using Boron, and using doses that were lower than used in some studies. Boron also affects oestrogen in women.

It appears than anything under 3mg of Boron has no effect, however my previous diet (due to celiac, sugar and lactose reactions) was probably giving me less than 1mg/day which is deficient.

Boron also works with Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D utilisation. There are studies with positive results in women for sex hormones in post menopause. A good article that goes into some detail on this is called – ‘nothing boring about Boron’.

The other benefit I felt was on the signs of early osteoarthritis – something I was not aware of, however I did feel slightly stiff and achy first thing in the morning, this has mostly disappeared since using Boron.

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Very helpful, thanks. I've recently started supplementing with 3mg a day, hoping that's sufficient to make a difference.

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jamr in reply to Met00

From what I have read, anything under 3mg is unlikely to make a difference to the hormone side of things, not sure about the other things that Boron affects. With my 6mg and another possible 3mg from diet, I am at 9mg. I cannot recall the suggested limits (as they don't really have agreed levels or RDI/A for this, but 9mg is well under the limit.

Where do you get your Boron? I usually buy from Natures Best or Higher Nature but neither of these seem to sell Boron unless in multi-supplements. Amazon sell from so many suppliers, any recommendations please?

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jamr in reply to SheilB

I am getting mine from a compounding chemist who makes it up with Mg filler, Pure encapsulations appears to get good reviews, but I think this is only a 2mg tab. I did not find Boron off the shelf anywhere, I think due to Australia law handling of minerals. However easy to find Calcium, Mg, Zinc

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SheilB in reply to jamr

Thank you jamr, I am in England so will keep asking for recommendations here.

With best wishes

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Met00 in reply to SheilB

I thought I'd already posted this, so apologies if it appears twice! I've just started taking boron, and bought mine from DolphinFitness, which is a reputable company. They sell about 3 different makes, currently Lifeplan's 90 x 3mg costs £4.75, plus 90p postage, though postage is free if your order is over £10. Holland & Barrett also sell boron. I think I chose Lifeplan because I trust DolphinFitness, so can't 100% guarantee it!

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SheilB in reply to Met00

Thank you so much Met00. I have been to Holland and Barrett and bought some today but will try DolphinFitness when next ordering.

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AusUK70 in reply to SheilB

Hi SheilB, I purchased some from H&B 4 days ago and have been taking 9mg a day. Have you seen any results from this brand or am I wasting my time with them and look for another supplier?

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SheilB in reply to AusUK70

Hello Don't know if anything I take makes a difference anymore!! Apart, that is, Vit D3 as my levels have gone up since taking it. However I will try some more but try Dolphin Fitness as suggested by another member.

Good luck with everything you do.

I use ionic Boron liquid, 6mg from Trace minerals. Buy it at my local health food store. Use it for Osteoporosis. Trace minerals does not sell to individuals online, need to find their products at a health food store.

so does boron enable other vitamins and minerals to work better? If I had too much testosterone and not enough oestrogen would it help balance that out?

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jamr in reply to judej

Hi Jude, apologies for not replying, I suggest you search for and read an article called 'nothing boring about boron'. Answering a question as specific as yours without sufficient context of your specific situation is likely not possible even by a medical professional. My reading tells me that Boron acts in concert with other vitamins, hormones and minerals and affects multiple body systems including the sex hormones. It specifies that it helps 'regulate' sex hormones, however all the information in this article discusses how it raises both testosterone and estrogen in both genders. Note that testosterone exists as either 'bound' or 'free', SHBG binds most testosterone in males making around 2% avail to act on the body. Boron reduces SHBG (mine dropped from 100 to 73 (normal upper level is 50) in 3 months supplementing with 6mg/day boron. My free testosterone went up 50% in the same period.

My suggestion is that you conduct your own research on the reference article above and others, in the context of your personal health circumstances. Always happy to share my limited knowledge and personal experience but projecting 'facts' onto others without the data is not effective.

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