Is there anything else I can do?

Hi all, I am a 37 year old lady who is normal weight, do crossfire/ exs 5-6 x per week, don't eat rubbish. in December had a high Bp reading and had all investigations..... only thing was bit high TSH and high mcv and much. I have come off pill, drastically reduced alcohol consumption not that I drank loads before. I have reduced caffeine to once or twice a day ,increased veg, stopped Ibuprofen for neck issues and take vit b12 with calcium and magnesium. My 24 tape in Dec was high but i was unwell so they are planning to repeat as Dr still not sure why have. As all on here would really love to not go on meds, any advice/ tips would be gratefully received..... thank u 😊

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  • Lower carb intake, particularly of high-glycaemic foods and/or fructose. Eat natural fat instead.

  • It might be due to Ibuprofen.

  • do yo know what your readings were?

  • Hi at worse when really anxious about it 190/110 but average now is 137/90

  • Yes, im up and down too, ive had high spikes for three days now. Its so worrying. I think we know too much these days

  • Sorry to hear that..... are you on meds or not long found out? I work in a and e so definitely know too much!

  • Same im a HCA, mind you landed in a&e a few times with my bp, did you wear the 24 hour ambulatory during work as Its very stressful in a& e, i definitly could not handle working there.

  • I had a high BP scare just before Christmas (180/~80) and I have brought it down to a little over normal (126/70) by taking odorless Garlic tablets called Garlique and by eating a boiled beet root every other day. Exercise helps to but it looks as if you are doing that. Try not to go on BP meds because they cause other problems.

  • Hi many thanks for this..... need to get on the garlic..... just out of interest, do u mean fresh beetroot which boil yourself?

  • Yes, I boil one every other day in a saucepan with water just covering the beet (they vary by size). I am not sure if pickled beets have the same nutritional properties which is unfortunate because I truly love pickled beetroot especially with yesterday's chicken or turkey.

    I noticed that after I ate spicy spaghetti sauce that my tinitis went quiet for that evening (it came back the next morning). I was aware that my tinitis varied with my BP, after a chat with a neighbor who used to have high BP but who's sister was a nutritionist and put him onto garlic , I put two and two together and thought it must be the garlic in the spaghetti sauce temporarily reducing my BP. Since then I have taken the garlic pills and eaten a beet every other day and it is much better than going on BP meds.

    By the way, I take the pills because they are odorless, if you can stand it you can take the real thing - but I tried that and it was a bit rough, tasted awful and gave me stomach ache.

  • I should add, your pee will go red, don't panic, it's only dyed.

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