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Please what form of blood pressure medication works better for people with Hashimoto's thyroiditis. Although since starting ndt my blood pressure has reduced but still on the high side. It was as high as 220/120 but gone to 160/90 or lower but it has been around that range for about 5 months so thinking of medication but if anyone has other ideas am willing. Thanks

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What is medical medium?


I am on NDT (Armour ~ 1.25 grains). I did not want to go on BP medication because it interferes with thyroid meds (of any type). I discovered that garlic has a very strong influence on BP - it reduces it. You can either put it in your food or get some "Garlique" tablets and take one per day. "Garlique" uses an odorless form of garlic. Also, try to eat as many beets as you can stomach together with celery. I try to eat a salad every day with garlic, beets and celery in it. No, I am not big on salads but it's not too bad and it's better than taking BP meds. You may also want to vary your NDT dose and see how your BP reacts to differing doses - that is my problem, if I raise my NDT dose to where I feel wonderful, it sends my BP up. It's the T3 which affects the BP, but it's the T3 we need to feel well.

Try to put off taking BP meds as much as you can. Exercise can also reduce BP as well as losing a few pounds - but we all know how difficult that is.


Tank you so much, is that's what am trying to do; put off medication as much as possible. I will buy the garlique one and have a go as I am somewhat allergic to beetroot.


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