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Coronavirus - FAQs


Hi everyone,

We know that this is a worrying time for lots of people, especially if you have an existing health problem. If you have a heart condition it may mean that you could become more seriously ill if you catch coronavirus, which is why it’s really important to protect yourself.

Anyone with a heart condition is considered high risk of more severe complications and some heart patients are considered at extremely high risk.

These people are now advised to protect themselves by staying at home, and minimising contact with people they live with, for the next 12 weeks. This is called shielding. If you are in one of these groups, you will be contacted directly by the NHS with further advice.

Please take a look at our updated information page for more detail

I’d also ask people to please try and avoid consistently fuelling anxiety or worry on the subject – it may actually make the community a more stressful place for those who are seeking support or reassurance.

Thanks all.


1) Should I be in isolation or social distancing?

Take a look at our article explaining the difference and what to do:

Our information page also has useful links to current government advice:

2) Should I stop taking my blood pressure medication?

We’d strongly advise people to continue taking all their medications unless advised differently by their doctor. There has been speculation about whether blood pressure medications, ACE inhibitors and angiotensin receptor blockers might increase the chances of severe Covid-19 infections. However, there is currently no evidence to support this.

Here’s a quote from the BHF’s associate medical director, and an analysis of the news headlines you may have seen:

3) Should people take ibuprofen if they have coronavirus?

Public Health England say that there is not enough clear evidence to suggest taking Ibuprofen or other anti-inflammatory drugs increases the severity of COVID-19 or the chance of catching it. Patients who have been prescribed NSAIDs for long term health problems should continue to take them as prescribed and contact their GP if they have concerns. Stopping any prescribed medication without speaking to your doctor is not recommended.

4) How can I stay healthy if I’m isolating at home?

We have some advice for those who may be self-isolating, to help you take care of your physical and mental well-being:

5) Does having congenital heart disease mean I am at high risk from coronavirus?

You might want to take a look at our page on congential heart disease which includes information for both adults and children:

6) I’m finding this an anxious or difficult time – what can I do?

Here are some resources that you might find useful.

Coronavirus and your wellbeing from the NHS’s Every Mind Matters:

Coronavirus and your wellbeing from the mental health charity Mind:

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Helen, thank you for keeping us hearties up to date, very much appreciated. I have been unable to find information about working during the self isolation period for the over 70’s. My friend who is 73 has said she and her husband are able to get exemption from this. I have seen others o here saying they wouldn’t be able to work and will therefore lose money. Are you able to clarify this please?

in reply to Bazmack48

Hi Bazmack48 I'd take a look at the Gov's advice for businesses and employees but it's probably a discussion to have with your employer:

Thanks for all that you are doing,Makes all the difference understanding it all.

Its the unknown right enough.

Thanks Helen made interesting reading.

However I have a dilemma, in 2weeks I'm supposed to go to my daughter's (she will pick me up and bring me home) . I'm to stay overnight while I'm there to look after the grandchildren. I've got 2 stents fitted after heart attack in 2016, I've also got a brain injury, 2009, I'm on stations,bisoprolol, aspirin and 5 other tablets, cant remember them.

My husband said I shouldn't go because of the coronavirus as I should be in isolation.

I don't know what to do could someone advise me please xx

Two words, don't go!!!

Hi I have High Blood pressure am 61 am I high risk if I get corona virus

Hi,thanks for updating us :),that's the thing don't seem to mention Heart Disease on the extremely high risk list on Govt site just mentions Pregnancy and Heart Disease but that's it.I'm finding it all confusing tbh as I took upon myself to self isolate when saw at work a message from our Senior Medical Dr regarding the: if have an underlying health condition and get flu jab will be high risk and to self isolate.So there's that broad term which I think is from Govt site somewhere but when on extremely high risk etc no mention just pregnancy one same on NHS and conditions mentioned for letter are them conditions.Thanks for your article I've read throughly and I would be High Risk.

I've had no phonecall or letter (as of yet) not saying I'd be at extremely high risk but common sense says anyone with Heart disease is at a high risk compared to people without(and obv without other complications) as you've stated. I'm only at min been granted 14days off from work.I will be speaking to a Cardiologist on 8th but 14days would take me to 2nd so I think may ring them beforehand voicing my concerns etc.As you've stated and as Govt states don't go out your house unless necessary and they sent me a txt saying stay at home but no time frame so I'm abit up in air what I do really which I know is case for most people.

Also quick question is Ibruprofen really bad for Heart patients?.As I know is an Inflammatory but I once was told by a Nurse to NOT have it as can react with Aspirin I believe and checked upon online.However when came out of Hospital on my many meds they had me on Kids Ibruprofen?I know only Kids so low and short term so was that ok then? also was a collegue at work she has a hole in her Heart or summit and has a Pacemaker and she takes Ibruprofen.Is just cause if any illness I seem to only be allowee to take Paras.Did research on interactions and I'm like why does no one tell you this?? I feel like I have to keep researching and checking food products/meds constantly.

I feel like I'm gunna bombard my Cardiologist haha just like to know where I stand I mean I'm new to this only known for 7years and none the wiser :') .Is a big shame I can't (ofc not right now) see Cardiologists etc as last contact was told didn't know what was happening with the reviews,I've just recently done an online assessment that NHS get and got a telephone consultation like said on 8th so I guess I'll see if can address what's on my mind too.Sorry about all this aha and once again thank you for updating us and supporting us.I'm always giving to you guys when I can.Much love hunny ♡

Thank you for this latest update.

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