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Cardiac rehabilitation at home


Hi everyone,

As there are lots of people whose cardiac rehabilitation classes have been cancelled due to coronavirus, we've pulled together some resources and videos to support your cardiac rehab at home.

If you've had an assessment or you've already started a programme, our cardiac nurses put together this cardiac rehabilitation at home package which you can access here:

The hub has lots of information about exercising safely and healthy eating plus some at-home exercise videos - keep checking in as we'll be adding to it over the coming weeks.

Thanks all!

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Thank you Helen.Very helpful,now all I need is some willpower.

Thanks Helen. I was just over half way through my cardio when it all came to a stop. Have carried on at home. There are plenty of dance and move videos on youtube to keep me going. I had a p.m last August and diagnosed COPD at the same time. With the latter condition it is hard work. But we got to keep going. Hope you make the best of the weekend Brian xx

Our stage 4 rehab is now on line 4 times a week. It is on the Zoom app and is interactive so we can see each other and be checked at the same time in order to make sure we are ok and doing exercises correctly. I wonder why they are not all being carried out like this. I'm aware not everyone has a computer but many do. The cost is the same as our 'normal' classes.

Thanks so much. I'm really missing my classes so I will definitely give the videos a go.

That's great thank you. I never did get any rehab as they have nothing for anyone disabled. I'm sure i can find something there

Thank you; I have been doing various classes from YouTube but these classes work all the right bits :)

My mum hasn’t had her assessment as she had her heart attack just before the lockdown. She’s 77 and had a heart attach and heart failure. She has no other health conditions and was fit before this happened. If I do them with her will she be okay? I thought we’d start at level 1

And just exercise once a week at first.

Hi Pennyc02,

It's great to know you are willing to do some exercises with your mum following her heart attack. The cardiac rehabilitation at home programme has been tailored to those who have at least had an initial cardiac rehab assessment with their cardiac team and deemed suitable to carry out prescribed exercises. Since your mum has not yet had her initial assessment, this programme would not be suitable at this point in time.

I would recommend that your mum starts with walking as her form of exercise for the time being, starting gradually and building up her stamina as her body allows. If mum has also been diagnosed with heart failure ,then depending on the severity of her condition her exercise capacity might be limited so it would be best for her to do only as much as she feels able when it comes to walking. Hope this helps.


That’s a great help thank you. We

Will just stick to walking for now.

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