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Travel and life insurance with a heart condition

Hi everyone,

We’ve seen lots of discussion on the community these past few months about travel insurance. Some of you might have already planned a getaway to warmer climates (I know I have!) but for anyone with a heart condition that may need some guidance on insurance, here’s everything you need to know :)

Where can I find travel insurance?

Holidays are supposed to be relaxing but it can be frustrating to sort out insurance when you’re recovering from a heart attack or heart surgery, so – the BHF has put together a list of insurance companies that are a little more helpful. We can't guarantee that they’ll be able to offer insurance to everyone, but it’s a good place to start!

How do I answer the medical questions for insurance quotes?

It’s a good idea to talk to your GP before purchasing an insurance policy as they’ll be able to help you answer the medical questions.

As I’m sure some of you will know, the health declarations that insurance companies ask for are often very detailed, particularly about your past and present health conditions and medications. It’s really important to declare all your past and present health conditions. If you leave out important information this could result your claim being refused…the less holiday drama, the better!

What if I can't find travel insurance?

The British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA) may be able to help if you’re finding it difficult to get travel insurance:

What if I have a complaint?

If you have any complaints or think you have been treated unfairly as a result of a policy claim, the Financial Ombudsman Service is there to help you:

You can find out more about travel and life insurance from the BHF here:

Here are a few threads on the community you might also find helpful:

Happy travels!

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Thank you Helen for sharing. I for one will have to re-look at travel insurance since being diagnosed with SVT and Mitral valve regurgitation. I have travel insurance included in my bank account package, but will have to contact them now to see where I stand. Rie

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Hi Rie, hope they continue to insure you. I've also got Mitral (& aortic) valve regurgitation & hypertrophic cardiomyopathy bank refuses to renew my insurance as I was diagnosed just a few months ago. They would have insured my angina for £115 extra but not now I have the extra conditions. Im finding it hard to get insurance....this week 42 companies have refused to insure me. All the best. Clare

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I got mine from Staysure


I am a member of the Womens' Institute which costs £41 p.a they offer a group travel scheme to members for £195 p.a. worldwide cover Inc USA with only two conditions. One is that you are not terminally ill (defined as less than 12 months to live) or that you are not travelling against a doctor's advice otherwise no health screening,so much easier. Also you might just like the friendly no they meetings and meet new people and develop new interests.


Hi Helen

There are a large number of questions coming in about life insurance. Please could you do a piece about that and pin it to the site?



Hi Steve, thanks for this. All the relevant info that the BHF has on life insurance is on the same insurance page mentioned above: If anyone has any questions on this, best thing to do is contact our heart helpline 0300 330 3311 and our nurses will be happy to help. I'll change the title of the post to include life insurance too :)

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Thanks Helen 😃


I use Freedom insurance, based in Cambridge. ....they have a website. Also Saga and the post office are helpful.


Thank you Helen for inviting me to the forum

Currently going through all the worry of diagnosis in may..


Hey Rob6868, welcome :)

You've come to the right place if you want to talk. You can also give our nurses a call if needed:


I found good for travel with pre-existing conditions.


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