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Any recommendations for travel insurance companies who cover heart disease? Most won't even give me a quote!

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skid112Heart Star

Hi there, we have some information on travel insurance specific to heart conditions on the BHF website: There's also a handy list of sympathetic insurance companies that can help people who have a heart condition.

Hope this helps!

I've just got mine from The Post Office online. Usual Q&A on previous conditions but granted without any problems.

Hi look on the Which best medical travel insurance site. I have gone with Boots silver . I looked at many but I found this one was good for me. Good luck

Hi - I went with SAGA, weirdly, it was only a couple of £ more to get annual insurance than it was for a single trip


Hi I have heart failure, dilated cardiomyopathy, and I have annual travel ins, with a company called, insure they specialise in people with existing medical conditions, and when compared to other companies I thought they were very good price wise, char x


Like Tabitha above, I went with Saga.

There is an online medical questionnaire to complete re all your pre existing health problems, incl high blood pressure, previous MI, cardiac arrest, ICD fitted, etc. £251 for an 18 day trip to USA (just back on Monday). That would have covered any similar heart related issues as my annual travel insurance policy does not cover pre existing conditions. It seemed reasonable value compared with other quotes.

As an aside our bags went missing for 2 weeks so a delayed baggage payment will be forthcoming at a payout of £250😎

Enjoy your trip!

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