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I feel lost and alone

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My husband of 35 years died a month ago suddenly,he was 59 and i am 55,he was my life and now i am so lost,the change is massive in my life and i feel like i will never ever be able to grasp what has happened,i have lost myself,i have 3 lovely daughters who give me tremendous support,but on my own i feel totally lost,it is the worst feeling i have ever felt.

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I feel for you,

loneliness is one of the worst feelings we go through, when someone who filled our life has passed away,and now our life is our own in every sense. Ihad the same after 47 years.

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Worried111 in reply to 2stroke

Thank you i know you understand and i am sorry you have had to go through this too,thinking of you x

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Hello there @Worried111

I am so very sorry to read of the loss of your husband. He was very young and a sudden death is always such a deep shock and very difficult to come to terms with, so I am not surprised you feel so lost. Thankfully you have support but as you say, when you are alone that is when you feel so lost.

It is very early days and you can't be expected to accept or even understand why this happened and it will take a good deal of time and support from others. In a while, you may want to discuss this with a Bereavement Counsellor or visitor or your Doctor could refer you for talking therapies.

Give yourself time and try not to look further than one day at a time. When you are alone, try to practice some form of relaxation or Mindfulness for a few minutes, keep your mind focussed and busy. Try to carry out one or two mundane household jobs just so that you can start to get into a routine.

There are several ways to keep busy and when you feel able, you could start by making memory box and fill it with photos, jewellery, photos, anything that has special memories for you.

Pease do stay in touch and take good care of yourself.


Thank you for those kind words,they mean a lot at this time,i truly hope you find some peace and love in your life x

Thank you x

I am so very sorry for your loss I really am and my heart goes out to you it really does..wow you were married for 35 lovely amazing years you must be beside yourself with grief as he was so young and you both had so much more memories to make life can be so cruel can't it. I understand how you would feel lost as you've been together so long and he's always been there with you and to have him snatched away like that would take probably a long time to get used to I would imagine that is something you won't do..Just take everyday as it comes but most of all know he is still very much with you love never dìes my friend i wish you well and knòw your not alone you have your 3 lovely daughter's and we are also here

Take care


thinking of you, I am so sorry for your loss, small steps, take care x

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