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Grief not once, but twice and so heart breaking (2)

Just to say with great sorrow.....My dad passed away peacefully at 8.15 pm last night surrounded by his family although my sister will be told tonight. Her routine must continue as normal as Mum and dad would want. My last words were "Mum is waiting" and then he was gone.

Thank you all for your lovely words from the previous post.

Take care :)

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I am so very sorry, JOLLYDOLLY. This is a terrible news.

Sending you my support and wishing you strength in dealing with this horrible loss...

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I am so very sorry to hear this JOLLYDOLLY

My thoughts are with you and your family, we are always here for you {{{hugs}}}


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I'm So Sorry to hear your sad news about your Dad! My Thoughts and prayers are with you! May your Dad's memory be blessed!

I'm sure our members hearts will go out to you & your family at this very difficult time!

If there's anything I could do or say, just ask!

My sincerest Sympathies to you & your family!

Warmest Wishes & Blessings. Spykey🤗

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Best wishes for peace for you and your family. Your sister is fortunate to have you by her side.


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Thank you yet again for your kind and comforting words. All the family know now. My uncle went to see dad today, to say his goodbyes and he said that he looked peaceful and content. So I find that comforting. :)


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