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Advice sought

I lost my husband suddenly in August to peritonitis although he had been ill for a few years it was a massive shock still as we had spent a lovely afternoon with the family and a few hours later everything was over. Since then everything is a struggle and there are days when I don't leave the house and cry all the time. I know that this is probably quite normal but can't find the way to move forward just a little bit.

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Hi Mimms66

A Very Warm Welcome to our Bereavement Care & Share forum!

Please feel free to post any time you want or need to!

I'm Really sorry to hear of your loss, that must have been a really difficult circumstance & time for you, and your loss is still very recent & I can imagine still quite raw!

You will find a number of topics that you may find that you can relate to & the members are All Very supportive & understanding whatever your circumstance & loss!

I'm sure our members will start to reply to you soon!

Take Lots of Care Warmest Wishes & a Hug are coming your way! Spykey🤗🤗

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Hello there Mimms66

A very warm welcome to you. I am so sorry to hear your said news, that certainly was a dreadful shock for you and your family. Your loss is not very long ago and naturally it is very painful for you. There will be days when you can't stop crying and yes, this is normal.

You could consider having a Bereavement visitor, this is someone who will visit you at home and support you until such times as you feel able to cope. Most Bereavement Support Groups have this or something similar, you'll find lots on line.

Please, do stay in touch, I'm sure our members will have lots of very helpful information for you.

Take care



Mimms66 -- Given time, the way to move forward will find you.

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