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Feeling really low today

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Fed up because I've had a few months without any anxiety and wake up this morning and don't feel myself at all got that dreaded feeling of doom in the pit of my tummy so agoraphobia and health anxiety is trying to break out too..wish my mum was here she would soothe me in minutes but then if she was here I wouldn't have these issues as I only got them when my mum passed has anyone else ever had physical symptoms since losing there loved one and what impact does it have on your life now

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Hello Natzsteveo

Really sorry you're feeling so low today, it may or may not have something to do with the fact that you've been away and had a carefree time and now you've returned your mood has dipped, it does happen.

Of course your Mum would cuddle you whenever you needed it but don't feel you can't talk to her now, you can! and here's one from me {{{hugs}}}

I have to go offline now but I will contact you tomorrow, take care.


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Natzsteveo in reply to chloe40

Thanks chloe my mood has lifted at the min and I totally agree with you about the carefree time I've had I think it's that too also miserable weather makes me down believe it or not thanks for being there for me feel overwhelmed with all my support I receive

Love Nat xxx

When my first husband died in 1959 I was 29 years old and developed a feeling like something was stuck in my throat. My doctor found nothing wrong, said it was from tension and advised me to treat it like a headache and take aspirin. It worked. I don't recall having any physical symptoms afterward. Recently, three years after my third husband died, when I was 83, I developed tightness in my throat. I turned out to be caused by an ulcer that is responding to treatment. The impact this had on my life is that I never assume I know the cause of symptoms, and always check with a doctor.

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Natzsteveo in reply to jaykay777

Hi jaykay777 thanks for reaching out to me it comforts me big time.i don't Dr google anymore I daren't it made me worse of I'm honest but your so right it's best not to assume

Thanks love Nat xxx

Hope you keep feeling better.....look to other sources to help lift your mood....cannot hang on to that which has moved on....I took a long walk ( 1 US mile ....lets see thats 1.6km) found a huge snapping turtle .... sent pics to my kids and my son told me it could be over one hundred years old! Can you imagine ? As I took pictures , he hissed and snapped...almost broke my phone hahahah I apologized for the intrusion but just had to share his beautiful face with my kids! for a moment I was not in bereavement but a totally different moment ....

Take a walk swallow breathe smile hug someone



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Natzsteveo in reply to abirke

Thanks ever so much the turtle story is great it made me smile😄I'm ok now think I just had a moment I do walk alot I take my 2 small dogs and go out. I've also started to meditate? Whenever I was low and wrote on here someone always said try meditation I used to think to myself what's that gonna do but I've started doing it for beginner's and I must say it's helping surprisingly xx

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abirke in reply to Natzsteveo

Good ! Remember that meditation is the releasing of daily thoughts to something calming and spiritually lifting.....and wonderfully, it can be done anytime , anywhere....

Paul was a man who loved God so much that the things of this world were of little consequence....he got beaten , imprisoned , had to travel from church to church only often to see a discouraged people....he in all his travail was the one who uplifted them! In his letter to the Philippians, he was under house arrest , which quite frankly would be the best types of arrest if you can imagine the jails back then...anyway he wrote this to the to the Philippians on believe it or not....how to meditate:

"Finally, brothers, whatever things are true, whatever things are honorable, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report; if there is any virtue, and if there is any praise, think about these things." Philippians 4:8

So my friend I do hope you can think on good things today,


I'm sorry you're having a difficult time. You mention your mother could soothe you in minutes. What would she do? Would she say anything in particular to help soothe you? You can do those things yourself. While she's not there to hug, could you find someone else to hug? I find that my friends are always more than happy to hug me when they know I need it. Find someone to give you a big, squeezy hug and repeat to yourself the things your mom would say to you. It may not work as quickly, but believe in the words just as if it was your mom saying them and it might help.

Thanks for your support I actually did and thought what you said about about what mum would do and I smiled to myself because if I sat there telling her anything she would rub my back and tell me she's got my back and is with me no matter what that was a lovely thing to think about thank you so much for that it really helped.

Love Nat xxx

Natzsteveo, I discovered a mass in my stomach. Waiting for approval for a CAT scan. Getting chest pains occasionally, can't get an appointment with a cardiologist. Have to have my cataracts done. Twisted my ankle, pains in my stomach and constant headaches. I am a mess.

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Natzsteveo in reply to Auddonz

Oh no sweetie I don't like you are suffering in this way I think you have suffered enough. How long will it take to get a ct scan so they can get it sorted. Sending you the biggest {{hugs}} try and think positive I know it's easier said than done were all with you I'm sure it's nothing to worry about bit they do need to sort you out it's not fair you should suffer like this babes.

Love Nat xxx

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Auddonz in reply to Natzsteveo

Nat, Haven't a clue of when they will do it. Keep on calling but no idea of when. Enough is enough. Thinking positive, not right now. Everything is against me. Gotta be a reason.

Love back,

Audrey xoxo

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Natzsteveo in reply to Auddonz

Just keep ringing they shouldn't leave you like that.your going to not think positive with what you have been through and still going through.sending big hugs chick hope you get it sorted soon

Love NAT xx

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