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Chest infection

Hi, for two weeks I have been feeling very unwel. Went to see my gp who said I have a chest infection. She gave me antibiotics and steroids. I was having a problem breathing so she thought steroids may help. No difference after the antibiotics or steroids and feeling more and more unwel as the day's are going on. Spoke to gp again and this time she said ok we will try doxycycline to help it go. I'm now into the fourth day of taking these and my chest is just so bad. I feel dizzy with it cause I feel starved of air, I dont have a temperature, but very hot and clammy with sweats. I am still fi nding it difficult to bring up what's on my chest, and when I do its green and just awful. Problem also is it seems to have exacerbated my other neuro symptoms now. I am having difficulty walking again, my balance is all over the place, terrible headaches and nausea. I feel incredibly weak and just don't know what to do. Do I go back AGAIN and see my doctor? I don't want just keep going back but this is beyond a joke and I do feel incredibly ill...any advice, should I try just ride this out?.

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You keep going back until it's sorted. Do not try to ride it out. The thick green is infection, as you well know and the chances are that, if you don't treat it it, it will just get progressively worse.


Absoloutely Di ! Very wise advice indeed !

You MUST NOT just sit back and let this one try to go away in it's own hun. If you don't get it sorted then there is a good chance you will end up in hospital and from your description of this horrible infection that may not be such a bad thing.

If you are not getting any sense out of your GP and are under the C of E's then can I suggest you seek advice and support from the centre nurse as an initial contact point. Alternatively, if you get very worried about breathing then make for the local A and E and they will decide if you should be left to cope or admitted for some other form of treatment. At the least, if they just tell you to go back to your doctor you will be in no worse position than you are now and at least you will have tried an alternative approach to get some action.

Take care hun and good luch getting some help.

tootles x


I agree with the above as breathing issues should not be left to chance.

Personally I would go to a&e as they can do some tests and take xrays and oxygen levels. Being dizzy is a sign that you oxygen levels may not be right and they can help this straight away by giving you oxygen.

I was ill with similar symptoms in november of last year and the Dr just kept giving me different tablets and fobbing me off. I ended up having to call an ambulance and was in hospital for 8-9 days suffering from pneumonia/bronchitis and exacerbation of asthma....

So it would be better to go before rather than letting it get any worse. Don't be worried about going to a&e as they were great with me and I am so glad I'd gone.

Good luck with this and hope you feel better whatever you decide to do



Had Such a bad night of it, the only thing that's helped is taking diazepam to calm the breathing, but can't keep doing that. I'm going to ring the gp in an hour and get them to see me as I can't take another night of it. Only this time I will insist a doctor sees me. When they prescribed the 2nd dose of antibiotics they just did it over the phone, so I think I need to be seen this time. It's helped reading the responses from everyone, I just didn't want to over react. But, I've got this feeling they are going to send me to hospital as I no this time its bad. I have NEVER had it like this before. I'm so breathless I feel like I'm going to pass out. Thankyou to everyone who responded and so quickly. It's allways appreciated. Some of the people on this community site are so so kind. It helped me in the early hours of this morning tto know I could message for help and advice. I will update soon and hugs to all who responded in my hours of need earlier...


Good luck my darling - we'll be thinking of you. I suspect you will get sent to hospital, yes, but that's not such a bad thing given the state you're in!


Hello Phoebe,

I hope you have made that doctor's appointment

S xx


Hi everyone just to let you know I have seen my gp. He said my lungs are very inflammed and so has given me a third dose of antibiotics and also a huge dose of steroids for a month. I had a chest x ray and so now waiting on those results. I still feel quite awful but fingers crossed I will improve. He said depending on what the xray shows will determine if or what they do and if this doesn't work I will no doubt have to go into hospital. Thanks again for all the support, it really does help to know there are understanding people out there at times like this. Hugs to you all...x


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