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Epididymitis infection from bechets


Hello I have this really painful problem has anyone else had Epididymitis infection? I have had bechets disease for a long time and have all the ulcers and joint pain which by itself is really difficult to walk and just living with the joint pain is missirble. I am on antibiotics for 14 days for my testical infection just wanted to find out if anyone with bechets has had this problem. I also have fibromyalgia which is not making anything better.

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Hi Pete, being female I haven't experienced this obviously, just wanted to message to show support, and hope you get some relief soon from joint pain etc. I am suffering with joint pain too in small joints of hands, shoulders and pains in lower leg. Can only assume this is behcets related. The pain does get you down. I soak in a warm bath to try to ease some of it, not sure if it helps but its quite relaxing all the same. I don't know where in the world you are, but I would get to the GP and be referred to a consultant. I feel we put up with it too much sometimes, mainly because of the blank faces when we explain what we have. Good luck. Post how you get on. x

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See my reply to pete11 it may be worth doing if haven't already.

Hi there Pete! Epididymitis was the first really bad symptom I had when I began my flare ups about a year ago.

I understand how very painful it is, and can fully appreciate why they call it 'the devils balls'.

Thankfully it was only once in every 3/4 flare ups and not a constant symptom. I have been on a mixture of Mycophenolate, colchicine (helped with the joints) and lymecycline (for my skin) for some time now which helped but not stablilised.

I am now on an anti TNF drug called Humira which has kept me flare up free for around 7 weeks now.

I do hope that you find something to ease the discomfort soon, I considered asking for them to just be removed at the height of the epididymal infection :(

Best wishes!


Just wondering regarding joint pain if you have ever been tested for vitamin D deficiency as this causes Ricketts effects pain in joints. I was tested as joint pain was awful and found I was deficient now take dosage every other day joint pain so much better. Worth a try if haven't. All the best I hope you feel better soon.

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Am on Vit D all the time. Back to the consultant in 2 weeks with a list. Thanks for the advice though.

Hi Pete

I have had Epididymis numerous times before I got diagnosed with Behcets last year .. you have my sympathy it's not nice pain to have !!

Hi Pete,

I have also suffered the evil pain of epididymitis in the past, before I was diagnosed. You have my sympathy as it's thoroughly horrible. I hope you get on top of this soon.

All the best,

Will 😬

Hi, I have had this on and off regularly since being a teenager - it is not as bad or frequent now (I'm 45 now), but when I was younger it would be very uncomfortable, with pain behind my navel, and an ache all down my leg, and could make me feel generally unwell.

I find that my testicles can go through periods of feeling 'tighter' or more shrivelled up, which I think can lead on to this - I sometimes get a slightly tender area but it can subside. When I'm on steroids they go noticeably 'looser' and hang a bit lower, and feel 100% normal.

Until my 40's it was always the right side, then switched to the left for a bit.

I have just remembered that very spicy food used to always set this off. Also, when I cut out gluten from my diet a few years symptoms became less frequent and severe, and spicy food tends to not trigger it now.

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