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Itchy all over

Had a bad day yesterday and along with the fatigue and aches and pain I got very itchy - hands, feet, scalp - the works. Has anyone had the happen?

I'm hoping it's not a reaction to medication!

As it was the first day of summer and we live on the edge of the bush I'm also wondering if it was pollen (very windy day). Think of us in 40 degree heat while you are all freezing!


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Sorry, Les, but my instant reaction was 'medication!'

Happy Summer - oh how I wish I was there. Hate to be cold.


Hi Di

I'm thinking medication too, also thinking another trip to Sydney this week which I was trying to avoi. Also have to go the week after next as I have an appointment on 10th Dec with immunologist which can't be changed.

The other thing is - years back I had blistering and intense itching on my little finger and distal joint ended up quite twisted. I have been boasting to doctors that that is only arthritis I have had (foolishly). The blistering is quite similar (and back on the little finger).

Yesterday I ached all over and kept getting hot flushes (perspiration kept dripping off me). Hate to think what might be going on in there.

Not as bad today. Am going to try and wait it out and see what happens tomorrow.

The alternative would be to email the specialist but that would guarantee a trip to Sydney.

I've barely caught up on work from being so sick in October and have a lot of reports to get off on students for the end of the year.


Les, at the risk of telling you what you already know, you can only do what you can do regarding your work. Yes, I know it's not the type of work you can just go sick from willy nilly and that lots of other blameless people will be hurt BUT this isn't really willy nilly is it? Can you not write to your students telling them that you are seriously ill and will get their results to them as soon as you can but that you can't make promises about dates?

Regarding the sweat thing - see my answer to your other question x


Hi Di

My problem is the colleges. They all close in a couple of weeks and have been very long suffering regarding the students. I need to get final reports in (200+ students). Have bought a laptop and can work off that but am not totally set up.

If I can hold out for this week I should be OK.

The other thing is I have an offer of help, however I think Judy probably has just got home from 6 weeks overseas. (She emailed from Key West as few days back).

As of next year things should be better (I hope) workwise.



Well, m'dear, all I can do is send you virtual strength - bucket loads of it on their way x


Thanks Di!

This website is a lifeline!



I must admit I agree with Di on this one...but we all know ourselves and what we are capable of. I know you wouldn't foolishly leave yourself open if it wasn't o.k for you.

It maybe just the immune system having a go back for a while as you are stopping some meds and putting in new one's....your poor body must wonder what the hells going on.

Sounds good about the help as 200+ students reports sounds pretty full on so try not to push yourself too hard. You sound a lot like me always thinking of others before yourself and perhaps find asking for help bit difficult.

Lots of positive thoughts coming your way lesley



I do get the itching all over thing. Only been on steroids and colchicine so far so don't know if its the meds or a behcets thing. Very annoying though. I have only had it a couple of times.

Jo x


I'm trying witchhazel which is helping a bit but wouldn't say it is miraculous.



Hi Lesley

I itch a lot too. It is usually my legs and arms and first thought it was the shower gel or bath smellies but whatever I tried I would still itch. I think it is the meds!

I believe lavender works for lots of things so have tried a very weakend oil with a tiny amount of lavender helps a little (my OH hates the smell so it quite amusing when I am head to toe in it). But it also gives me a better mights sleep!!!




Hi Angela

My favorite scent is Lavender - how do you make it up?

Thanks Lesley


That's really interesting Angela

Lavender is a muscle relaxant as well as a treatment for bug bites [i.e itching]. It is also a pain killer and some itching can be nerve pain, rather than itching if you get what I mean.

Sounds like a triple benefit to help you sleep as well as stopping pain and the itching.

I love the smell personally but it can be very strong.

Your OH ought to be thankful it isn't something much worse you need to spead on yourself....I won't make any suggestions though ;)


Hi Lesley,

I myself suffer from severe itching every once in a while and it generally is on my legs and arms. My specialist said that it does happen to people with Behcet's and immune issues.

My GP gave me Hydroxyzine Hydrochloride to help with the itching and the anxiety it causes. It is very irritating and annoying when it happens so i feel for you.



Hi Caroline - thanks for that information - I'll look it up and see if we can get it in Australia. I ended up using a toner with Witchhazel in it. Wasn't the miracle cure that I hoped it would be but certainly helped (plus an antihistamine).



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