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Itchy, red, skin...lumps? Anyone? :(

Hi, I'm not sure ifthis is a symptom of behcets as I am newly diagnosed but...

Does anyone else get skin problems from it?

I have been getting 'hive' like lumps on my skin. They are raised, itchy, red lumps....did I mention itchy???

I have been getting these more recently and frequently now (I used to get them as a child...) They can appear anywhere on my body but mostly on the arms and legs. I've one on my head now though grrr!

They're so annoying! So itchy and can appear in seconds!

Does anyone else get these? Is it related to Behcets?

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Hi there i have had behcets for many years and yes i get these lumps not a lot can be done they just come and go. i have seen a dermatologist numerous times he gives me a steroid cream which eases it.


I have been round the houses with these horrible hives, get checked out for URTICARIA its all part of haveing an overactive immune system.

Good Luck.


Thanks for the replies ! They're driving me mental! Have steroid creams but nothing seems to work, think it's just a case of waiting...out...the...itch...argh!

Overactive immune system...the bane of my existence!!!

I'll look into Urticaria, never heard of it before so cheers for that.. :)


Hi I get these all of the time, for instant relief I take an allergy tablet and use a basic zinc based cream such as sudo cream or nappy rash type creams. They always work better than the shed load of steriod creams I have been given. Hope this helps : )


Thanks so much! I'll try it out, been getting these things for years but seem to be more frequent now...good to get the insider tips for the buggers! :)


These suckers really do itch don't they. I only get them on my lower legs and like you, they drive me insane! I used Eumovate which did help with the itching. When they get really bad I use an ice pack which seems to help. The ice pack is my own DIY repair so you may want to check this with your GP before you try it too!


i get these, or something like them. Always thought they were allergy/heat related but finally managed to see a doctor when they were up and doctor thought they were vasculitis related to my behcets, prescribed me with vaso-dilators to improve circulation and they went away in days. I would try and get your behcets doctor to look at them to see what they think.

Hope that helps.


Did the old ice pack trick too! They just can't be itched, trying to avoid stress at the moment because it makes the syndrome symptoms so much worse. Got stressed the other day and BOOM! Swollen knee and hives. Don't really have a behcets doctor, got diagnosed before skipping to Europe in a campervan, when I return I might look one out! Was meant to get an appointment before I left but the hospital is impossible....well no, the consultants are! Homemade remedies are key now, atleast while I'm living in a van :O


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