Itchy bruning skin all over is driving me crazy gggrrrrrr

Hi I have a couple of things going on foe me atm and was wondering of any one could shed some light

for a few months I have had a lot of itchy burning hot skin all over feels like I have little mites under my skin I scratch them too the point that I give my self chicken scratches :-( and make my self bleed nothing seems to ease the frustration or the itching anyone else get this problem?

Also as well as that i have another delicate Question :-( I keep getting very sore pick lumps "down below" with yellow muck that come out they come up over night and can last for anything up to two weeks any ideas what they could be?

Back in November i was complaining all the time that my shoes where leaking and I was getting very wet feet every time we went out in the wet. i even went as far as wearing plastic bags over my socks :-) I'm very fussy when it comes to spending money on myself so my husband talked me in to getting a nice pair of boots for Christmas :-) and still the wet feet are there its been months now and I cant work out what could be causing cold to touch feet but wet and sweaty I cant put any socks on to warm them up as they get too wet any one else have anything like this?

Thanks Nicky

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  • Hi Nicky left you a nice long note and lost it.

    Will try again later.


  • awww I'm sorry thanks for trying


  • Hi Nicky

    Will try again. I've had the severe itchy skin which in my case means a blood vessel has 'died' and over a few weeks a lesion will appear as the body pushes out the debris. It then leaves a nasty punched out hole which takes months to heal.

    Have had similar ulcers down there but have been on some very strong treatment over the past two years and that is the one area which has basically cleared up. Try the asthma spray with steroid in it as they come up - that does seem to work.

    With the wet feeling. Particularly my feet are constantly cold (although the skin is warm) - I keep them warm with socks, wheatie bags, electric warmers etc - this has helped greatly.

    That was more or less what went into the ether last night.



  • Hi Lesley thanks for trying again I'm glad it worked :-)

    The itchy skin is strange because there is nothing visible to the eye so is hard to explain why I scratch to the point of bleeding I guess you have to know the feeling to believe :-(

    I wasnt really sure it the were uslers as its only the 3rd time ive had them and they look more like huge spots but 5 times a sore :-( I will try the asthma pump next time and see weather it helps.

    the feet just drive me in shane always wet and always cold If I put socks on i have to change them within an hour as they get soaked untill the last few months Ive always worn 2-3 pairs of socks to keep them warm with no problems at all just very strange

    thanks for you help Lesley take care


  • This is such a weird disease. So are you saying that your feet sweat and not the rest of you at the same time?

    Also that itching you mention - I had it on my right lower leg a couple of years ago. The leg came out in what is probably pseudo folliculitis (looks like a shaving rash) and was a bit swollen. Eventually two very small ulcers came up. For all the trouble they caused they could have looked worse!!!



  • Hi ya hope you is well

    Quote.. This is such a weird disease. So are you saying that your feet sweat and not the rest of you at the same time? Quote.. yep thats rite just my feet and no where else all day every day but even tho they wet and sweaty they are very cold to touch really doig my head in now cant wear socks and shoe for long :-(

    I even inch when I'm sleeping without knowing so I just wake up with scratches all over the place :-( Ive used lotions and cremes and nothing works. I find that night time is the most troulble some I can scratch fro hours and hours and still the feeling is there Ive written like a daily dairy of when it happens most and it just really odds the things that seem to trigger it like taken off my trouser and putting on my pjs or getting to warm (hot bath is a no go ) or getting to cold. I have told my remo but they just say theres nothing there :-( Ok so there is not but its still frustration and the must be a reason why I have the feeling I just have to find it

    sorry for the rant I'm just very very frustrated am getting no where with treatment for any of the symtoms I have at all :-(

    Take care Nicky

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