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Vile tasting yellow fluid

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I’ve been reading the posts and saw one on seizures which bought another issue to mind. I’ve probably had about three occasions where I have had some fluid drain from my nose and then down the back of my throat. I mentioned this to my neurologist and he said he thought it was Behcets still ‘grumbling’. The first time I was just dropping off to sleep and I thought I had a blood nose, the fluid was enough to wet my pj top, the next day I had a headache and was excessively sleepy all day. It has happened a few more times (including last night). The liquid is absolutely vile tasting and burns the throat as it goes down, also leaving a bad taste in the mouth. If I catch any of it on a tissue it is bright yellow. Once again I had a headache following it and was very sleepy for most of the day. If anyone has had something similar and knows what it is I would be very interested. Thanks in advance, Lesley

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Hi Leslie, I had this a few weeks ago. Bright yellow liquid from my nose. Have you had any issues with your sinuses recently? It happened to me towards the end of a sinus infection and I think it was the sinuses finally clearing.

Thanks for replying. In a way it would be sinus draining than anything else. It was very bitter as it went down the throat.

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I meant to say a relief if it was sinus

Please please please PLEASE, all of you talk to your doctors. If you had a sinus infection like ch1982, it's obviously less worrisome, and with the headache it could be the same thing...but it could also be very bad. Headaches in Behcet's are kind of just a thing we all seem to report. SERIOUS headaches are a whole different issue. I've had problems that have involved my nervous system, and while I've never had this happen to me, there is a dangerous thing that can occur. Protein and even blood can get into the spinal fluid, and if that happens, and you somehow have a fluid leak, it could end up leaking through the nasal passages and even ears, into the nose, and out into the world.

It isn't common, and it's silly to even jump to that conclusion, but I have a friend who has had several spinal fluid leaks in her mid spine. If it happens in your head, it has a method of exiting your skull, assuming something is off and it can get into your sinuses, etc.

Thanks Christina, I did see the neurologist not long after the first time and he was very non committal which in a way made me think it was CSF. Anyway so far so good, nothing has happened.

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