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itchy skin after a shower?


Does anyone itch after a shower? my arms and legs get really itchy and go red. I have tried unperfumed and non soap even sanex 0% but it does not help. I have to taje 2 antihistamines to make it stop. I have been diagnoased for 12 years but this has started in the last year and it seems to be getting worse

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Hi there Mpitt

It is hard to say if it is an allergy or something else, but I get itchy skin after a shower or bath.....but no rash or anything. I actually thought I was allergic to water because it was so itchy, but strangely enough it hasn't been happening lately.

Have you checked the side effects of any medication you are taking ?

Just recently I have started using Baby Head to Toe wash which you can get from tesco's. This is mild enough for new born babies and so maybe o.k for you. It is very reasonable to buy and I have found it very non-drying.

Hope this helps


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Thanks. I thought i might be allergic to the water in our house! Thanks for the tip. I looked on the internet last night and was surprised to see that its not soap with causes the problems but SLS. I have bought some no perfume no parabens and no phtholats shower bath from Green people today and hope this works. I will check my medication side effects as well.

The E45 shower oils are good too. There's no perfumes or irritants in them.

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Thanks, I will try and see if this helps.

Iv had the itchy skin part of BD since I was about 15.. Docs thought I had scabbies at first, then dermatitis and finally I was diagnosed with a nervous itch!!!!!!!

I was given atarax (sorry spelling not sure if its correct).. tbh it didne really work.. I remember clawing my skin till it bled, and a few times since Iv done this again..

looking back id say I was stressed and my hormones were all to pot being a teen.. but it was defo BD and mainly based on my arms and legs, which of course the doctor couldnt explain.

My son has very bad atopic eczema.. he uses a plain emollient (chemist or prescription) to wash with and simple shampoo inbetween the tar shampoos..

I was told cool showers..and try and pat dry rather than rub (aye right..)

good luck on your quest and keep us up to date with any itch solving cures!!!

dawn x

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Thanks, at least I know I am not going mad. Its just so strange that mine is always after a shower.

Hia Mpitt.

As already suggested, maybe check for meds side effects first. I've had BD itchy skin for years. The only thing I've found to help is E45 wash and lotion. Boots do their own range which are significantly cheaper and just as good in my opinion. Hope it helps. Godles.

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Thanks. I wish I had joined this site years ago as doctors do not always have the answers.


You may find something useful here

there are links to other areas of the forum where skin issues have been discussed.

Sounds like urticaria. I also have this. See above link

I really wanna know, what does BD stand for?

Hey! :)

After a shower I always get this rash on my chest, back and a few on my arms! They get itchy! And look like red small bites. But they disappear after like, a few minutes. I thought it might just be a heat rash thing. Or something to do with the water here, but I get it wherever I go when I take a shower, using hot or cold water! So I have no idea.. Anyway hope you get it resolved!

Take care :)


I had very itchy skin which was also a bit raised and sore in placwes - - it was even waking me in the nigh. tDr at at COE called it itchy scratrchy folliculitis! he said it was caused by dryness in skin. On his advise I now put diprobase cream on skin before a shower , especially worst affected areas and it worked. I think you are supposed to put it on after a shower but I found it too sticky/uncomfortable. I also use oilatum in bath/shower. My GP prescribes both of these and also aqueous cream for washing. i did not think I had dry skin as it was not flakey - but the drs were right. Maybe worth a try.



What does BD stand for? anyone?

BD stands for behcets disease.

Itch like crazy after every shower too. I use a soap substitute called Sorbolene which helps. Have cut out all commercial products in the shower. Is so horrible. Also use a Steriods liquid lotion after the shower which helps a lot. All the best ....

Yes itch like crazy after a shower and have done for years. I use a soap substitute which seems to help a bit. Think it called Sorbelene. Drives you crazy... Then again I itch most of the day.....

I don't have Behcet's Syndrome but have some info. that might help sufferers from itchy skin, which I notice is under discussion here.

I had a horrible issue with very dry itchy skin, particularly bad after showering and had a miserable flare up for 6 weeks last year. A dermatologist ruled out allergies (after patch testing); my issue is just very dry skin and Pilaris Keratosis. 'Just' didn't sum it up - I had to spend about an hour with ice on my skin to get it to calm down after washing during the flare-up. It now seems to be under control so I thought I'd pass on what has worked for me as I was so unhappy when I was suffering with the itching.

Initially I had to temporarily cut back on washing to allow my skin to build up a bit of natural oil, so only bathed/showered (other than essential areas!) every other day and with warm, rather than hot, water. During that time all the usual emollients etc. irritated my skin but I found that 100% Jojoba oil applied after washing was tolerated and helped enormously (I get mine from a local health shop but you can buy it from Ocado etc.). The dermatologist explained that when the skin gets very depleted pretty much everything irritates it until it has built a base layer of oils back up; washing with products strips it back again so you need to take care until it calms down which can take a while.

Once things had calmed down the dermatologist prescribed Hydromol Intensive Cream 10% urea for my legs and Eucerin 5% urea (off the shelf from some pharmacies) for my arms. This seems to prevent a return of the issue as long as I remember to apply the creams regularly (as advised on the packets).

I also use Childs Farm or Burts Bees products for bathing as these seem less irritant than other things I've tried (despite other products claiming to be good for the skin).

When I exercise regularly it seems to help too (tricky during a flare-up as you need to shower afterwards but generally the improved circulation/sweating seems to help me!).

Hope this helps someone - I think for my skin I need the urea content. Good luck!

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