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Sunday Morning

Well its Sunday morning and the house is quiet for a change, and more to the point I can get on the lap top!!

What a week, pain in every joint, ulcers everywhere, speech bad, memory awful, balance shot, too much saliva, extreme body temp swings, no energy, breathless when I do the slightest thing, and to add insult to injury a tummy bug has hit the house!! No I strangely did not get it but my youngest has been off school all week.

Some good news though I got an appointment for my MRI, but I wont be holding my breath waiting for the day to come as it is in June 2013!!!!!

No word on lumbar puncture yet but that is the only thing I am not sweating about lol.

Hope you all have a good week. x

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Good god that's a long time to wait for an MRI. I though things were meant to be improving in the health service...that's outrageous.

Have you managed to get on the cancellation list and keep ringing them every now and then in case there is a cancellation.

I did this for my MRI and got in within a couple of weeks and so you never know.

I wonder if the Consultant that referred you knows how long you are going to have to wait. Have you got another follow-up appointment with him/her and if it's before the MRI, it might be worth dropping them a line or contacting the secretary and letting them know. You can also check up on the Lumber puncture.

It seems to be the way now with things at my local hospital... and this sounds similar I feel sorry for the secretary's but we have to fight for ourselves I am afraid.

Good luck if you give it a try.



Oh dear Ruth. I agree totally with Andrea. Sometimes you have to make a nuisance of yourself to get something like an MRI scan done. It would be worth a chat with the MRI clinic to see if you could be given a cancellation.

Good luck.


thanks all, have been in touch with the secretary and as it is a mobile mri unit that comes to the hospital i attend in Sligo rarely and it is the 1st apt they have...i asked if they could make the apt in Galway hospital, miles from me but hey ho, and was told that if they did that the wait would be longer!! if I have 950euro i can pay for it myself and have it done next week. As you can imagine, living on disability benefit and three kids at home and one of them in uni there is no way on Gods earth that i will every been able to pay that kind of system here in Ireland has gone to the dogs along with everything else!!

thanks for all the support x


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