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From the mouth's of babes !

I was sitting in my downstairs bedroom on my bed as usual surfing away on my computer and trying to find a suitable outfit for my latest acquisition of a bearington collectable rabbit that had become parted from her clothes when I overheard a conversation taking place on the footpath just 10 feet from my open window.

I should first explain that as many of you know I have several cats in the house and Tizzy is my matriarch girl who never leaves my side and sits with me for hours on end on my bed and is a great source of comfort for me. Her daughter is Baby Moo so called because she never left her mother cat and still behaves just like a baby kitten towards Tizzy and myself and is thoroughly spoilt rotten by us both.

Just recently Moo has taken to hiding in all sorts of tiny spaces when it becomes late in the evening and I am continually calling her at the top of my voice inside the house and through the window so that I can lock the window up for the night and know that everyone is safe and in bed.

This evening was one of those nights where she has done a disappearing act and since it is drawing into the evening I have been calling her on and off for nearly two hours and frustratingly she has not as yet made an appearance and I am getting quite concerned and annoyed when outside of the window I hear a discussion taking place between the two little boys who live in the next close and play on the grass hillocks just outside.

Noticing my window was open, one says to the other 'That lady's window is open and she is making noises like a cow again !'

The other small boy replied, 'Oh it's okay, Mummy said she is very sick and has gone mad and we should stay away from her window especially when it is open '

Little boy one pipes up in reply and says 'Will she come out of the window and get us then ?'

'No ! It's alright', his fellow playmate replied 'she's tied to the bed so she can't get out !!'

Hmmmm....... pauses on computer and looks over top rim of glasses.

* mental note to self ......... Get OH to explain to children and parents that Moo is in fact a cat and I am not actually tied to the bed and mad as a hatter !

.........on the other hand ????? LOL :)

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Oh that's so funny xandii

You gave me a good chuckle and I really needed one today.....


That's so funny. Thanks for posting some humour :) I too was in need of a good laugh.


Following on from my original blog above, I spotted Chris the postman who is a friend and regular postie for the close and Father of one of the little boys above walking his dog early hours of this morning.

I told him of the conversation I had overheard between his six year old son and his friend and he was totally mortified and full of apologies.

Having explained to him that I wasn't angry at all about their little discussion and actually found it quite funny if not a little perturbed about where they had got their information from, he was pleased to confirm that it was actually his wife that had spoken to him at breakfast during a family conversation following the 24 hours in A & E programme the other day. He was eager to impart to me the actual conversation that took place which was as follows:

Chris : I didn't realise that illness was so awful did you ?

Wife: No ........ Poor cow ! It must be driving her mad !

(looks in direction of young son and older daughter and says)

Don't let me hear that you two are causing problems playing around right outside her

window ........ especially when it is open ! She's tied to her bedroom all the time so

don't you lot go making things worse and upsetting her okay ??

KIds: (nods from children who were half listening and playing with their cereal while

watching TV.)

Chris will speak to his young children and bring them around to the window over the weekend to meet 'the mad cow woman' so they can say hello and see for themselves that she is not actually raving mad and tied to her bed.

I have ordered the sweeties for the occasion with my OH who will visit the market today for fresh vegetables.

It just goes to prove how rumours get started doesn't it.LOL..

:) :) :) xxx


LOL. Thanks for sharing.


Hahaha!!!! Such a great story!!! This would make a great sketch for a sit-com!


Hi Xandii ,

Must be made for me to read.


With best wishes,



Really made me laugh - something we all need!



Dear Xandii, how brilliant. You sound like you have lovely neighbours which is important in case of an emergency. I loved how you have explained the conversation between the little boys, mad me giggle. It was great you have the opportunity to explain your situation and they are willing to listen. Good on you. Hope you find Moo.


Mad AND tied to the bed? Brilliant.

Thanks for the chuckle.



That has made me giggle. Your little tale shows the innocence of children !!


Ha ha, hilarious. Thanks for sharing. Makes my blue eyebrows pale into insignificance (thank goodness).

It's so good to hear that it's going to be explained to the children and that they will be coming to see you. So many adult attitudes and prejudices are passed to their children intentionally, never mind by accident/example and through misinterpretation.

I do have one question though - is OH going to buy scissors so he can cut the ropes or does he need keys for the handcuffs? ;-)


Oh no problem there Tiger hun,...... we had the handcuffs left over from one of our frequent parties we had with............Hmmmmmm............we had with........Hmmmm......

ahhhhh ...........suddenly forgotten where they came from ???

* mental note to oneself ....... too much information for the spy to work with ! Nearly let the cat out of the bag there about what we used to get up to at our parties. LOL.

:) :) :) xxx



Btw, are you Greek? I grew up in Cyprus, and as a kid I was called Moo, so was my brother, and when we came to England we had a dog called Blackie Moo, as you probably know, Moo is a term of endearment in Greek, and I think it can be translated as 'mine' or 'my'...I don't speak Greek now....eventually, the dog ended up being called Moo Moo Poo he was a poodle, which was a bit embarassing.

Not as bad as my cat Moonbeam, so named because I thought it was a pretty girl...then one day, a lad said to me, that isn't a'd better think of a new name because its got

Furry B----cks.....then after that, the cat just got referred to as Furry B....cks.or we used to shorten it to just B-ll-cks.....and he went missing for days after being attacked by a dog, and I was fraught and screaming ''B..ll.cks!, B..ll.cks! '' all over the park at the back of our house.

Now we have a dog called Dizzy Rascal, which of course confuses little girl said, what's your other dog called then...Lily Allen? (her name is Lily...but not Allen).

And a little four year old boy started rapping a Dizee Rascal track, and was singing ''Fix Up...Look Sharp'' at my greyhound and doing lots of urban dance moves.

I love the way animals can bring us right down to earth,....and of course, if you have cats...then you are going to be the 'local mad cat lady' by default.


ha ha ha ! my last dog was called Charlie Muffin. Baby Moo was so called because of her kitten ways and her silly little 'Mew' or 'Moo' call for attention.

Strangely enough, I should have been born in Cyprus and it was all booked up but I decided to suddenly make an appearance with my head down a toilet in Libya so never made it to Cyprus after all !

There have been certain things like health that have been poo in my life ever since. :)

Start as you mean to go on and all that. LOL.


Did anyone ever say that where you are born, or grow up has an impact on something like Behcet's? Whilst in New Zealand there were a fair amount of docs from silk route countries, Egypt, Japan, China, and Far East. One Egyptian man asked me if I had ever lived in the Mediterranean, and I spent a lot of my childhood in Malta and Dad also worked in Libya, just before the Libyan govt threw us out of Malta..and we were refugees in Cyprus.

And my Dad worked in Bahrain, Saudi, and Far East...but we didn't live there.

Anyway, I told the Egyptian doc that I was not actually of Med descent, and he said it might not matter, it might just be something that affects people who have lived there, come from there, but may not be 100% hereditary as such. He asked about my food and drink and of course, we ate the local food. Unpasteurised sheeps and goats milk, unpasteurised yoghurts, drank local dodgy water and ate from local butchers. My brother and I were always ill, I always had very bad fevers even if I had been out in the sun. I got badly burned by the sun and had round ulcers over my nose and face, just from a few mins exposure.

He had a theory that there might just be a type of bacteria in the sorts of raw foods we had, that could contribute to MMF (Mediterranean Familial Fevers)other unexplained illnesses, which is might be auto-immune related...he thought that any kind of repeated infections by a body fighting off these bugs, especially as a child when your environment shapes you, could perhaps cause mututations in antibodies or affect the function of the immune system and it could result in somebody with an overactive immune system. Apparently, some researchers looking into Crohns were thinking along these lines too and looking at a paraTB type infection in unpasteurised you never were born in a Libyan toilet, I grew up in Malta and then route countries!

I do have Lebanese cousins, but unclear if related by blood as it is a marriage in some generations back.

Talking of making an appearance over a toilet....I did the same but at home in Devon, I didn't move out to Malta until a few years old.

Apparently my Mum did not even tell her doctor she was pregnant, didn't attend hospital scans or book midwives. When she started getting labour pains one month before I was due, she thought it was sour apples from her unripe apple cravings...and so sat on the toilet thinking it was something else...then waters broke...and I started coming quite soon afterwards, and eventually a midwife did get there all disgruntled as my Mum had not booked one and Dad phoned up saying his wife was ''having a baby right this minute on the toilet'.


My father was in the air force doing his national service in 1958. He was posted to the middle east and spent most of it in Libya in Tobruk and the surrounding area.

Because we were on a British military base, I should have gone to Episkopi in Cyrus to the military hospital to be born but as explained earlier, I decided to come earlier in the toilet.

Both my parents are full blown true English with the only history in their backgrounds from Ireland ancestry so definitely no silk road connection by ethnicity just location of birth.

:) xx


My father was in the RAF. He was in the Middle East in Bahrain but on an unaccompanied tour for about 18 mths, then later when I was about 3 or 4 we got posted to Malta, then the Libyan govt chucked us out so women and kids were refugees and went to Cyprus without our Dads...and then we spent quite a few years in Cyprus where my Dad was based at Akrotiri. I lived in Limassol in Greek accommodation though, as my parents loved being immersed in the actual country we lived in rather than cut off at the RAF camp. Living off camp, we did have quite a lot of local and rural food and it did involve us getting quite sick from time to time and of course all our dairy was unpasteurised.....and the Egyptian doc told me he had seen before the sorts of symptoms I get in people who were not silk road descent, but exposed to that kind of environment but who were not born there. Kids get all sorts of odd fevers when you are abroad and the UK is relatively safe in comparison.


Great story really made me smile out loud. Sounds like the trailer for a great book. Maybe we could all write our little ditties and anecdotes and come up with a BEDT SELLER!!!!!! Stranger things have happened....think Calender Girls.

Cheers and Hugs



Obviously that should read best seller. .or maybe not lol


This series of blogs has made starting the computer worth while. I have never laughed so much.

When I was a small girl, I wanted to call a kitten I was given by my grandmother Dinah, after Alice in Wonderland's cat, but my father said he would not go out calling for a cheap restaurant when she wouldn't come home. In the end I called her Lucky!

My grandmother had two pekingese dogs, the boy was called Wong-ge and the girl was Moo-moo. I an not sure if these names mean anything in mandarin!


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