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Painful shins and cold feet at night - remedies?

We wonder if Mum might have a touch of Behcets - she has a lot of similar symptoms to me. One thing that causes her a lot of distress is extremely painful shins at night. They don't hurt during the day but she says it happens when she lies down. Any ideas? Also she has suffered from very cold feet for years although they feel warm and all the tests show that circulation is fine. Since I have become ill cold feet and shins (although not painful) are a problem. (I mean cold to the point of painful. Any ideas gratefully considered - we use heat packs and rheumatisim creams at the moment. Lesley

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Hi lesley

I have this problem really musn't try to heat them artificialy to quick or hot as it makes it worse and damages the tissues.

Strangely enough [or not] when I was in intensive care they found Magnesium and Pottasium deficiencies and relaced far since cold feet have not been there.

Still on supplement from Hospital so see what happens when finished but at least it's a break from it.

Just an idea as I don't know what OZ is like for these can find a natropathic [sorry spelling] Doctor who will blood test for vitamin is suprising what havoc they can cause, especially when on other drugs and things.



Hi Andrea

Thanks for that! Interestingly I'm about to be tested for Mg & Potassium deficiencies because I'm starting to get cramps.

I've printed this off for Mum. Will let you know how we get on.



I am still on replacement pottasium tablets and when looking at the deficiency symptoms it is a pretty important mineral.

I have to have another blood test for this on Tuesday

Myalgia (muscle pain), muscular weakness and cramps.

Cardiac arrhythmia i.e. abnormal rate of muscle contractions in the heart.

Unexplained fatigue and weakness

Hyponatremia, which may or may not be accompanied by anxiety.

Impairs nerve transmission and deteriorated nervous system, which, in turn, results in confusion and delirium.

Skin related problems such as blistering, skin eruptions, dryness of skin, acne, etc.

Temporary memory loss or other problems like weak memory, difficulty in concentration, etc.

Sleeplessness and irritability

Intestinal or lung paralysis

Heart related problems, such as heart deterioration.

Increase the risk of high blood pressure

Ringing noise in the ear at times

Digestive system may also get affected due to this deficiency, thus leading to hypertension, chronic sleeplessness, depression, constipation, headache, etc. Critically low levels of potassium are known to result in life-threatening conditions such as cardiac arrhythmia, and that makes it all the more important to keep an eye for the potassium level in the body.

Just about describes how I have been feeling might see on toothfairy's lumberjack cake posting I have been making banana soda bread...fantastic for breakfast and lots of potassium.

Good Luck with the tests



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