It's been a while since I posted and I'm in between dr's right now. My appointment is on the 27th. I wanted to ask everyone if they have ever gotten erosions/ulcers in their stomach when having a flare??? Last week I wasn't having a flare and had an upper GI. Today I had another upper GI mind you symptoms of my flares started yesterday. Could the two be related??? I was still a little out of it, (because I don't do well with conscience sedation.) Has anyone else experienced this?? I usually only get the ulcers on hands in my mouth and genitals which all occur in the same places.

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  • My son gets them in his mouth and they go all the way down though his body out on too his bottom he can't eat or drink and is in the worse pain very he is 9 we have cameras done to see how bad they are on the inside.

  • I have had ulcers in my gut and stomach also a small bleed. They didn't bother me too much and didnt last long but were deemed at the time to be Behcets. This was at least -10 years ago and until very recently no problems. Just now I have problems and will see a consultant at st marks, London in October.

    Good luck


  • Most definitely could be. I used to get esophageal ulcers and had a horrible stomach ulcer in college. Didnt have genital ulcers then...cant recall if I had mouth ulcers.

    Ulcers is sort of the name of the game with BD.

  • I'm thinking y'all are right and it's all related to my Bechets. Mine started in my early 20's. Which at the time was only my hands. Thankfully I called my rheumatologist and they are getting me into the office in 2 weeks instead of waiting till February!

  • I tend to throw up a lot more than my family members for unexplained reasons, considering we all at the same food, so I'm thinking I had an ulcer or two in my digestive track at the beginning of this flare up.

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