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gi behcets: anal ulcers?


anyone with probable intestinal behcets present with anal ulcers? I've been having abdominal pain, mild diarrhea, rectal bleeding, skin tags on anus and anal ulcers. I've read that anal ulcers are quite rare in behcets and not much is written about it. oh and ive already been diagnosed with behcets btw. have the most classic symptoms (uveitis, genital ulcers and canker sores) i havent had a colonoscopy yet, hopefully they see something so it can be treated.

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I have had rectal ulcers show up on colonoscopy, which my GI doctors obviously can't say are definitely Behcet's but my rheumatologist has said are completely from my Behcet's. I have classic symptoms along with a lot of funkier ones, so I feel you on that. It's not the most enjoyable experience initially, but I have been drawn to epsom salt baths over the years. I feel ulcers was misdiagnosed as internal hemorrhoids for years. I had such severe bleeding at one point that the scope couldn't see past the blood. In any event, the baths sucked sometimes, but ultimately soothed me. Of course now I'm doing IV Cytoxan, so we will see what happens during that process!

Making sure you're drinking a lot of water does help keep be stools from being too hard which reduces the pain. Constipation is the enemy, and see your GI doctor. A deep enough ulcer and you could end up with sepsis. I'm shocked I've avoided it thus far.

I have had a lot of rectal ulcers and gi symptoms. Consultant is querying colitis etc. Awaiting referral for a colonoscopy via gp.

Had a colonoscopy a few years ago where inflammation was present on biopsies taken.

Hi there, yes, anal ulcer was my first symptom, together with bloody diarrhoea. I say the first but there had been various others over the years which I can now put down to Behcets, but that ulcer was the start of a serious episode of Behcets for me, which continues to this day without remission.

I feel I've responded to you before- are you on meds? lastly gi ulcers and some types of genital ulcers can present itself as crohns. we can have more than one diagnosis- so don't blindside yourself into one disease. have gastro check across board for everything again. Sometimes bloodworm hits high and and low for autoimmune values.

first thing i ever posted and nope not on meds, symptoms not severe enough to warrant continue use of meds i stopped three years ago after 5 years on them. was in remission for three years until now.

what's been happening lately to bring you out of remission? Think stressful life events- dietary changes? Perhaps you've acquired a new allergy?

Definitely assess diet to ease symptoms- google anti inflammatory diet. I always go hard on anti inflammatory foods when I flare or am about flare. No sugar! seriously.

i started college in the city, so thats stressful

That'll do it. Keep up on rest. Actual sleep, not lay in bed on phone or watching TV. What meds were you on- when you said you were on them years back?

colchicine and some topical creams

If the soft mucus areas of the body are being shed,

Then inflammation

then the walls of parts of the body will become weak and may bleed and become a problem area...

It all depends on the various strengths of parts of the body.


Avoid foods that cause the shedding of mucus skin,

And avoid foods that cause inflammation.

B.... causes the body to become more reactive and sensitive.

Each body depending on its history may react to diffent things.


Reading this site seems to confirm that there may be common ground.

thanks for the replies.

I had one at the time I was first diagnosed and had ulcers all inside my mouth and on my tongue at same time; but never any genital ulcers. Now main symptoms are scalp sores and fatigue

I was given a diagnosis of incomplete Behçet's and my dermo has had a scalp punch biopsy to see if it's anything else.

I've literally got these lesions 24/7 although they can lessen in their intensity they are constant - but they then raise their heads in avengence.

Aloe Vera gel is good to soothe too.

These are great responses but Behcet's is *very* different when it comes to intolerance. The so called "Noninflammatory Diet" *will* cause flares in Behcet's patients. Here's Why:

This means NO:

GMOs (Pecan genetics),



Hickory (BBQ!)

Strawberry and similar seeded pseudoberries of the drupesack family,



Antibiotic fed Animal products (meats, milk, eggs), GMO fed Animals,

Sugars made with GMO or pesticides,

Fruit and Veg sprayed with herbicide / pesticide often organic GMO ingredients,


Certain Wool or clothes dyes,

Brownish / Reddish cosmetics,

Herbicide, Pesticide, Biodiesel / Biofuel (also made of pesticide like variants often from Pecan), & -worst of all-

Exposed water tables that could contain said Herbicides, Pesticides, Nut dentritis, etc...

This is the majority of "food" found in American Supermarkets. Diet can greatly reduce the need for meds.

ALL Medications American GMO. All of our medicines will make us react until this is solved. Those with better laws are truly fortunate that their medicine isn't made with poisonous plants and byproducts. I have started ordering medicine from China, Russia, & the EU to resolve this as their laws are mostly GMO free.

In the city the very air we breath has the GMO molecular poisons in it due to petrol. A huge step forward would be to change this new mixing process.

Mosquito / bug repellent is causing our flares not to mention likely increasing the other autoimmune reactions as well. It's a double edged sword.

I went on an Anti-inflamatory diet and almost killed myself from not knowing the molecular structures of the foods harming me. I switched to almond everything and it really hurt almost hospitalizing me listening to nonsense about odd diets. I drink a LOT of milk. I eat gluten. I have meat. What can be great for Crohn's simply will not help Behcet's, despite their similar diagnosis. It is only the ignorance of doctors not studying that keeps us sick.

The key was NATURAL farm raised non-GMO pesticide and herbicide free foods.

Support local farms!!!

More info:

There are some 50+ species and many are unknown. Note how the family of

Engelhardioideae mysteriously has no information. Careful in the jungles!

Lastly I personally recommend Cannabis for all autoimmune diseases. Now that TNF-i factor has been proven it's safe to say we should all be eating Cannabis high in CBD during operations, notably organ transplants. The chemical effects are similar to that of Imuran's (Azathioprine) or any similar autoimmuno suppressant with far less side-effects. Cannabis is great for anything like Lupus, Crohn's, Behcet's, IBS, Vasculitis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and many more not excluding Cancer. Cannabis Bubble Bath and Salts are especially nice! Cannabis Cold Creme is a miracle.

I live in Colorado and I'm very fortunate. Please support local change legally and responsibly through the proper channels of government.

I have been on Colchizine, Imuran, Humira, and was still sick.

Chinese Medicine:

Qi Gong / Yoga / Tai Chi - Stretch, breath, move... but slowly and don't stop. Physical Therapy in bed should not be underrated. One can stretch anywhere. Don't get stuck!

Acupuncture - A *REAL* one who is holistic and kind. It will hurt sometimes! Ultimately it is like a good chiropractic adjustment for the blood and nerves. The vast majority of my flare symptoms have reduced since starting regular acupuncture just 1-2x a month.

Massage - Because it works and feels great! Once again you need a master, not a beginner.

BAO HE WAN (Balanex Extract) - Good for IBS like symptoms and regularity.

Yin Care - The BEST thing for Sores. Oral rinse and Topical. A little goes a very long way. There is nothing better. Everything else burns and scares. I love this stuff.

DAO CHI PIAN (Gardenia) - Good for Nodosum and Restless leg, especially from Steroids. This one should be used under the guidance of a good Acupuncturist. In combination my foot pain went down dramatically.

XUE FU ZHU YU WAN & other remedies may be applied later. Once again only with help from a trained professional. This is just an example of what is working for me personally.

Mushrooms - They help joints and mobility in ways that are still little understood. Reishi, Shitake, Oyster, and so many more besides Crimini (poisonous but the most popular). A well made Hot & Sour soup is amazing.

My Rheumatologist is aware of this plan and supports it as an alternative to Humira for now so that I can save it for a Methyltrexate combo if I get hospitalized for Behcet's. ALWAYS check with your doctor first. If they don't agree with rational sense then you may have to fire them and move on. My 7th Rheumatologist in the 3rd city an hour away was the first to work with me and my Natural Medicines. It's okay. Americans are 6-% more likely to die from regular health care than in the military. There are a lot of frauds out there. It is my hope that we can look to the health of other countries to rectify our own mistakes with biological engineering of food destroying our best and brightest. Fight for your health; No one else will.

Good luck to you all! Take care and remember to enjoy your life before it's over!! (^_^)y

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