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For the last month or two I have noticed my 8yr ( has BD & Joint hyper mobility Syndrome) complaining more and more of feeling sick?

Is this the norm? Sometimes accompanied by lots of stopping pains - heart, joint , head - on colchicine, and pizotifen , ibuprofen and sometimes steroids. We have had a good run - three weeks without any ulcers, but she is showing signs of a flare coming ..

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Hi iam so sorry for your pain, nobody wants their child to be ill. With regards to her feeling sick, it could be meds and equally BD sufferers often feel nauseous and feverish. We had a few QnA on this the other day and I gave a recipe on a drink that hels with this. One tub yoghurt, one clove garlic (mashed), some cucumber chopped very finely, mix all together and then add water to dilute as a drink. This really does help and I have used this with my children and adults. If you click on Feeling Sick link you will see this discussion on sickness. Hope this helps, do let me know how you get on.




I'm so sorry to hear this. I think you should get in touch with whoever prescribed those medications. Sometimes the order you take them in, time of day, with or without food etc can alter their effect, so that's probably worth looking at. Meanwhile, coping with nausea has been discussed many times in the past so it may be worth having a look via the search box. I seem to remember there were a lot of discussions around nausea and infliximab so that might be a good place to start. I do hope your child feels much better soon.

I was diagnosed with hypermobility syndrome when I was a child and with BD very many years later. My docs do not appear to think they are connected and are quite dismissive of it - have you been told that they are?

Best wishes,



Yes dismissive - autoimmune and mechanical are the quotes we have thrown at us a lot! Saying that my youngest child nearly 4 had / is waking in pain with joints and he was referred and again diagnosis end with JHS but not as bad as other child yet this rheumatologist wants to hang on to him as he feels he could be showing early symptoms of BD . ( he has had stomach pains - headaches - joint pain has weird rash on foot and arm , but only one mouth ulcer ) ? so much depends on a good Dr !

Thank you for the advice all help always welcome


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