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Getting some where?

Had a dreadful night last night , second day back at school, well half day all seemed ok but at 6 ish sudden screaming with right knee. Nothing I did helped and had to give a large dose of codine in the end to take edge of , three hours she screamed, cried and withered . My mum was staying and it was the first time she witnessed this , "harrowing "is the word she used.

Had earlier that day recieved a call from the gastro team at Gt Ormond St as a stool sample was taken back in July ( way before all the ongoing problems with her bowel) which showed her fecal calprotectin was high. Next week we get a date to book in for endoscopy , colonoscopy, bone marrow and mouth ulcer biopsies all to be done at the same time.

What's that saying " when the sunshines , make hay !"

My poor little monkey ! Not at all sure how she is going to cope , they want to spend a week before on increased-12 satchels of movical and then two days in hospital to be completely cleaned out . Harrowing for a grown up, my baby is seven !

They haven't changed there option , as I asked do you think Chrons? And was the reply was no Bechets and Chrons both have Parnell symptoms but the onset of sudden agonisinging pain etc is unique to Bechets .

You can guess what I really wanted her to say .

Really hoping that she is ok to night , could do with some sleep . Mood is all over the place and stabbing pains in stomach back , oh and last night she also had stabbing pains in heart and neck ?

It felt like she was being attacked all over.

Hope everyone is ok...... And have lovely weekends x

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