More questions from a newbie-this time about ulcers downstairs

Ok so bechets ulcers.has anyone had the ulcers the day/night after sex that are like tears and also after having shaved the bikini line.i'm getting them all the time and wondering if waxing is also a bad there also anything that I can do to prevent the post loving tears.thank you,this is the only place I can ask these questions without dying of shame.

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  • I know that for myself I would get them after sex but it seemed to coincide with me shaving so I thought they were problems with ingrown hairs before I was diagnosed. the only thing that would make it go away for me is a round of prednisone. I more so have a problem with vaginal dryness which I also thought could have caused those ulcers since I would scratch real hard to the point of bleeding I use a 1 part vinegar to 10 part warm water solution that my doctor told me to use as soon as I noticed it and it does the trick every time.

  • Hi I have suffered this all of my adult life. Horrid... I found even lubricants gave me ulcers. I think the only thing that worked for me was a very understanding husband. I sympathise with you. I to suffered re shaving & found waxing to be the answer. I recently ordered a e-one hair removal system, as my daughter has BD & hitting puberty. I already feel sick for her. Every monthly cycle I ended up with ulcers down below for 2 weeks.

    God luck

  • I thought everyone got bumps after shaving by the bikini line... maybe not? As for the tears after ... my GYN prescribed premerin cream 2 times weekly and for existing ulcers I have a steroid cream that I can use but sparingly because it thins out the skin and can lead to more tearing. Thanks for putting this out there. You are not alone.

  • Wow thanks for those guys are so begin to think it's just you.when I thought I had herpes I was always amazed that I would get a breakout so fast after having sex like the next morning but now I now it wasn't herpes it makes so much more sense.

  • That's how I finally got diagnosed with Behcet's...the ulcers down there after sex. My doctor did give me an ointment to use on them that deadened the pain for a few hours at a time...can't remember what it was now. And this sounds silly but my doctor told me eating walnuts can sometimes increase the frequency of the ulcers and he was right! I don't have to worry about it now cause I'm divorced! So sorry you're suffering.

  • Yes and yes. We all seem to be prone to flares brought about by everyday actions. What you describe happened to me also eating certain types of food can cause ulcers in mouth and climate change when I travel too far, makes me very ill so I now only do France and Spain.

    Never be shy s just leave your pride at the door when you need to see docs. Also take photos ..seriously....cos you can bet when you get an appointment you'll have nothing to show.

    Hope this helps


  • After doing extensive research on Behcet's for myself and in general (I am a scientist) one possible conclusion that I have come to is that our mouth and vagina's are more related than we think (mucosa membranes). Personally, the tears that you describe, sound similar to the tears that I would have in my mouth if my thrush was severe. They would appear within hours of eating spicy, yeast or carb dense foods. If I eat something too hard or dry, I get mouth ulcers immediately. So, if you think about it, the chewing process with the teeth and cheek area is sort of similar to the sexual process with the grinding and friction. As my rhuemy put it to me, "when you have an autoimmune disease, you're sort of auto immuny all around." At the time, I had tested slightly positive for sjogren's syndrome, a dry eye and mouth issue. Relating back to my previous points, I think our mouths and vaginas are more related than we think.

    So- bits of advice to try-

    Use a good lubricant, I am in a very satisfying and happy relationship and I'm young (27)- and I have issues with dryness during sex. Since we started using Astroglide, the soreness and pain down below has ceased and makes me look forward to sex.

    USE PROBIOTICS- I am personally on nexabiotic, available on amazon for cheap! info here as well as acidophilus daily. They will help boost immune function, keep yeast/thrush at bay for oral and vagina mucosa.

    Keep a clean diet- you are what you eat. Do not eat processed foods, and keep sugars to an absolute minimum. I am in the best shape of my life due to my dietary change. My skin and joints are not old Meat, fats, veggies and low sugar fruits (mostly berries) and nuts (rich in omega 3/6's). Look into antiflammatory diet foods and consider adding in coconut oil to your diet as well- HUGE difference for me.

    So all in all, I don't think treating sex tears can be a singular issue. I think you have to treat the entire body, if that makes sense.

    Good luck, I hope you try my suggestions as we women need SOME things to be as normal as possible.

  • Thank you for the fantastic all completely makes sense.i admit I eat a lot of sugar and need to get my diet into a better place.i'll have a look at the tablets,I'll try anything to see if it helps.

  • Seriously, go as sugar free as possible. Sugar is an inflammatory food and feeds yeast in the body. When you start feeling better physically, you will not crave it! When I do have a bit of a sweet tooth, I eat a little peanut butter and honey. Honey is a safe sugar because it is naturally fermented.

  • I use Stevia which is also supposed to be good for you. I know that I was also recently told to try to avoid raw fruits and veggies as much as possible because our bodies don't handle breaking them down as a normal body would so it makes our organs have to work harder, instead we are supposed to juice them or lightly steam so that they are not their original hard form. And also to avoid and/or limit citrus fruits and tomatoes. The best thing I recommend to everyone here though is to use Zeal which has 17 anti inflammatory foods in it alone, and so much more, even my macular degen has gone backwards instead of forwards. starrlightdesigns.zealforli...

  • I can total sympathise - I too have this issue :/ there is nothing like being 25, going through the grieving process because of all the life changes Behcet's brings, and then realizing that sex is an issue too.

    Personally, I find that if I am not careful, I will get ulcers and/or tears within four hours of sexual activity. However, if I use a very simple lubricant, like KY Jelly, and am generous with it, it helps. I would stay away from fancy ones, and flavoured ones. I am also changing from Infliximab to Enbrel, and my rheumy is hoping that this might help.

    As a biomedical scientist, I can confirm that it makes complete sense for a woman with Behcet's to get ulcers. The lining of our mouth, gastrointestinal tract, inner genitals, and trachea/bronchi are all mucous membranes, and these are the ones that Behcet's patients have issues with. Sex causes the dilation of a lot of blood vessels in the genital region, and when you add that to what our body essentially sees as repetitive trauma, we are likely to get ulcers. Unfortunately, being an intimate issue, people are not very willing to talk about it, and so it is hard to find information about it. I know that even as a scientist, it took me at least 8 months to work up the courage to tell my rheumatologist that I has found a definite link, and that there was an issue.

    Do you also have issue around the time of your period? I have found this is also a problem, so am currently exploring ways to stop my period, because I just cannot deal with the flare up of aches and pains and the genital ulcers.

  • You could try a 3 month pill and take it continuously. seasonale/ seasonique is what I use. I take it until i spot for a day or two (about 5months) then I take 7 days off. Pretty light period IMO. Or you could try Depo shot.

    And to answer- I dont have issues with flares and periods, but I do get more fatigued than usual.

  • Thanks. I have tried a number of different pills and running them continuously, but I end up spotting for months on end after the 2nd packet. I went to see a different GP who specialises in family planning etc. and she has recommended that I try Norimin1, which is usually given to people with endometriosis. Only on my 2nd packet, but will see how running those packets together goes.

  • I had the tears so bad after sex in my 20's. I was tested for herpes ( neg ) and even was told that I was allergic to my husband. Now that I am in my 40's with a Dx of Behcets my doctor gives me Analgesic and anti-inflammatory cream. I consider myself very lucky because I do not get ulcers/tears that horribly anymore.

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