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Spoke too soon!!!

Well my last post was full of hope and I knew I had spoken too soon!!!!

What a week or two I have had.....ulcers back with a vengence both oral and genital have pains in places that I didnt know I had places, my balance is bad, my speech is bad, I feel into the arms of a local shop owner the other morning and said " I promise I am not drunk" Jungle drums were hot that day, not only is her hubby back on the gargle but she is too and at nine in the morning!!!!!!!

My skin is so bad that I look like a scabby crack addict thank god the weather is not warm as there is no way I would be out with any skin showing imagine what the drums would be saying then lol.

Went to my gp yesterday and have given in and am taking steroids, not a happy camper but if they help short term then I will have to accept them...

My youngest son now has a virus called Slap Face and I believe can cause severe anemia in people who have supressed immune systems so fingers crossed I wont go there that would be the last thing that I need....anyone else ever had or been in contact with this?

I hope that you are all doing as well as you can xx

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Canker sores, mouth ulcers, pain in the genital area, and I know the pain is very severe. Although all patients' symptoms different treatment option sometimes vary. No specific treatment of Behcet's disease. Happiness for all patients do not lose hope my friend will come soon.


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