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coke for mouth ulcers!!

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hi everyone just thought id share this for anyone unfortunate enough to suffer with mouth ulcers

. i constantly have them and found that at that worse i could barley talk let alone eat, i would try to drink water as i thought it would help but that only sting me.

what i have found to be helpfull with the pain is a can of coke, i have no idea why, and it may be different with others, but hey thought id share that with my fellow behcets as no one else will appriciate it. hope it works for you as it does for me . xx

oh the regular coke none of the sugar free stuff x

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Hi,yes my daughter gets relief from coke too, she tries water but it kills, but coke is soothing, also watermelon fruit. x

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mybehcetsxx in reply to tamirra

ill have to try the watermelon thanks. x hope your daughter is in good health though x

Yes melon and good lemonade the italian one pricey but the relief is wonderful who would have thought lemon!

When my daughter was 1st ill and in hosp for 5 weeks they were giving her fresh pineapple, my god that killed her, not really sure if they knew what they were dealing with. x

Yup, coke helps here, too. I know I've seen someone else on here say it helps, as well.

Tamirra, fresh pineapple makes me hurt just thinking about it!! poor thing!

Hi, celery is an excellent cooling and soothing relief from mouth ulcers. Straight from the fridge, with a little salt, (salt you say ouch!) when you start the initial bite stings but after a little while they start to numb. It almost has an anaesthetic effect. The salt is good as it is a natural sterilizing agent.

Mouth ulcers are fed by sugar and the sugars in the coke will actually prolong the length of time the flare up lasts. I will agree it sooths the ulcers as believe me the pain drives you demented, and you will use anything to sooth them.

I also use instil gel just blob on a small amount and will numb the pain, this needs to be used with caution though. Also Diflam mouthwash and the steroid inhaler, but a natural use I found celery the best.

Have had Behcets since 1989 - progressively worse now unfortunately, will post more when feeling a little better :) x

Hi all, my daughter was given Lignocaine oral gel when the whole area of mouth skin is covered in ulcers & can be swallowed. My daughter is only 10 but does enjoy a cup of tea, slightly cooled. I'm not sure if anyone has trouble with their teeth, Jaida does, therefore no soft drink in our house ever. Just so uncomfortable & painful. Xx

hi ive always swore by coke for me & my daughter for our mouth ulcers it has to be non-diet & freshly opened but it seems to take the top off it once thats done it heals faster ..i guess if you look at what it can do to a penny it must have same sort of effect on ulcers on the sw diet but i always keep some full sugar cans of coke cola in for such emergencys ..doesnt really work with any other brand or with the diet type for us we prefer the proper coke cola ..not tried pinapple but by sounds of it i many steer clear as coke does the trick best ..x

After reading comments about coke, I tried it recently. After flying to America, the stress of waiting for the tickets etc, my mouth erupted so I thought I would give it a try. It may have been a coincident but it WORKED quickly. I will definitely try it again next time.

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mybehcetsxx in reply to kenjay

ah thats wicked im glad it helped, at least on here we can share ideas x

that's one of the good things about the forum isn't it ? x

Cherry Coke works for me :)

hi I haven't tried the cherry yet will give it a go . x

I notice your a very newly diagnosed this is a good thing , how long do you think you've had behcets ? if you don't mind me asking.

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mark3D in reply to mybehcetsxx

I think about 3.5 years when the ulcers started getting unbearable i knew there was something untoward. But glad i have some direction now :)

Interesting. Sugar is known to make mouth lesions worse. I’ll try diet.

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mybehcetsxx in reply to Number4

Yea the coke no longer works there's obviously something in it though that's numvs the pain for a short time that and red wine

Have you tried a natural toothpaste. Used now for over 2 years. No ulcers xx

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mybehcetsxx in reply to 2106

I have, but with no intention to help with ulcers, just as a lifestyle, it doesn't sting I've noticed that but also i have some soluble mouth wash steroid based it's amazing ill post it actually the ulcers go within days and don't get dont reach that horrific stage

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Number4 in reply to mybehcetsxx

I'd like to know about the steroidal mouthwash.

Hi, my daughter finds Mc Donalds coke to be the best to sooth ulcers, don't know what's in it but she always has it

Try DrPepper next time, works better.

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