Epic mouth ulcers

Hey guys! So I've was diagnosed with BD about two years ago (22 yr old female) and have been doing ok since starting enbrel 7 months ago, but just got a gnarly flare. The sores in my mouth are massive, but the numbing gel I have you can only use a handful of times a day and it doesn't last long - does anyone have any helpful homemade remedies?

Thnx, Molly

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  • What about tea tree oil to numb your mouth, the strong taste isn't nice but it does numb them. I also use coconut oil in my mouth, its not a quick fix nut it has so many healing properties! Good luck!

  • Hi Molly, CocaCola soothes the pain and hydrates you. Use a straw for drinks so nothing touches the ulcers. CLENIL inhalers are very good, a couple of puffs into mouth 3/four times a day, swill round and then blow out, DO NOT swallow and mash or blend your food. Also it's well worth using an electric toothbrush, because of the small head. Hope this helps.


  • Ask your doc for some Magic Mouthwash

  • Magic mouth wash does not help behcets ulcers sorry.

  • When I have a mouth full, magic mouthwash is a life saver.

  • In the last 25 years of my kids and I going through the behcets ulcers I have found the only thing helps is dexamethsone solution used to swish mouth. I have found if you start swishing couple times a day at the first sign of flare it usually stops them right away. If wait till broke out takes lot longer getting rid of. I swish in mouth and hold a few mins and always right after brush teeth for bed at night.

  • I was given flixonase nasal drops to use as a mouth wash an they helped

  • Flixonase nasel drops used as a mouth wash work for me ask your GP xxx

  • It's not natural, but triple mouthwash is a lifesaver for me! (Betamethosone tablets, doxycycline tablets and Nystatin) mixed together with 10mls water up to 4 times a day. Recipie and instructions are on London COE website. I use that after meals and cleaning my teeth to give longest contact time. I use Difflam mouthwash before meals. This disease is so individual, I know not everything works for everyone but I hope you find some relief soon. X

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