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B12 deficiency

Hi everyone

Long story short after a car accident my health went out of the window and so did working out plus healthy eating and my stress levels went sky high. After about a year I started getting secondary symptoms. My IBS, PCOS both had flared up my sleep was non existant and I could go on and on. I tried my best to supplement speak to my GP to find the cause tried iron helped a little but not much I got to the point were I would eat and knock out on the floor, could not even manage to get off the floor let alone get upstairs. This progressed to struggling to breath after eating, my hair was falling out like crazy my memory is so bad that I am not believed I was putting weight like crazy even when I wouldn't eat. Now because of my car accident I sustained spinal injuries and was been consider too high a risk for surgery due to the weight so had a refferal to weight management as part of the refferal I was told to have some blood work done. The following day I get a call from my doctors saying that I have to come in for b12 jabs. Now I was shocked and worried had no idea were they got the info (my memory) so booked an appointment with the GP who told me that the bloods showed my b12 levels were 105 which is quite low and the best way to deal with it is by the jabs got no more info. I then get a nurse tell me it's for life because my body can't produce it or something. I did find a difference when I had the jab too much of a mess up with that then I was given 3 one week and 3 another week and now they say the next one is in three months it's only been about two weeks since the last one and I can already feel like im going backwards again. I'm so fed up and just want some better answers on how I should be dealing with this and what I need to be asking, knowing and understanding.

I would so appreciate any feed back I know it's a long story.

Oh I'm only 34 have had the symptoms for a solid 2 years that im sure of, three years since the accident. Treatment has only been in the last two months.

Thank you and sorry for any spelling mistakes


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Morning - not sure the sexual health forum is the one you are best suited to here.

But B12 can be an issue for those of us with CFS/ME , I have monthly injections and definitely know when I am due to have the next one ( yesterday - phew !!)


Not sure where abouts you are... but there's an informative site about B12 deficiency on the NHS U.K. which will explain the why's and the wherefores. If you read it, hopefully it will fill in some the blanks for you.... as it's quite an involved subject and hard to explain on this site.


Thank you for the replies. I can tell when my b12 levels are dropping but my doctor thinks otherwise.


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