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Genital warts


I'd just like to hear from literally anybody who has dealt with genital warts and how they're getting on or any advice anyone has. LITERALLY ANYONE!

I've been dealing with the warts for over a year now, had freezing for six months nearly every week, if not every two weeks, but it never completely made them vanish. Tried the aldara but it would just cause sores so painful I literally couldn't move.

I'm a female just to put that out there.

My doctor told me it takes two years to clear from the body and was saying this very confidently so crossed keys they'll be gone soon.

it's just totally stressing me out and i'm losing hope, I know it sounds dramatic but I feel like there's no way out.

Also taking 1000mg vitamin c tablets every day to boost immune system.

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I thought they never go away completely? I was diagnosed myself nearly a year ago and I was so ashamed for the first few months but I got some info on it and eventually came to terms with it. I rarely get breakouts these days but at the start the first bout was incredibly painful I couldn't sit or walk I couldn't even wee coz it hurt so bad. I've never had freezing tho the thought of it puts me off lol. I had medication off the doctor to begin with but haven't taken them since. I find getting stressed out brings on an outbreak so as daft as it sounds try not to worry too much about it and see a different gp for more advice coz I'm sure they never clear, you may go months or years without a breakout but the virus is always there xx

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Hi micks89, nice to know i'm not alone! The doctor said it lays dormant like chicken pox until there's a trigger like stress, but it's annoying that it's stressful having them which makes them worse. Are you in a relationship? If so have you told your partner and do they accept it? So scared someone's going to think i'm dirty.

Thanks for your reply.


I was diagnosed Genital warts since 2012, It was frozen by the doctor who diagnosed it. It will clear off after freezing it, but will come back as soon as the immunity is low, or your job is make you tired all the time. Vitamin C is fine but if you are doing anything that make you tired at all times, trust me, wart will appear again.

I had to buy Bazoka sub zero to treat it by myself anytime it pop up. One funny thing is that the wart re appears on the same spot on the skin. I'm just thinking if the affected skin can be cut off surgically because Warts lives in or just under the skin. I think that is why no blood test can reveal it.

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Thankyou for your reply! Does the Bazuka sub zero work for you? I tried the gel but it just stung so bad. Have you struggled with relationships?


I've read and heard the virus never leaves your body, but is "cleared" which I assume is the term used to describe goes dormant where recurrences stop and your body builds up the defense for it. Reading other replies I don't understand how it was "incredibly painful" for micks89 as warts usually come with no pain.

I was diagnosed October 2016, I had 4-5 freeze treatments on the 6 warts which I believe was too much since I've read around 3 (treatments) is the usual and mine weren't exactly big. None of the original warts have come back since as I think the freezing really kills the root of the warts, one appeared in a different area but I had that treated too recently.


That may be a good post for you to read, it is a female discussing her experience - she discusses a "fulguration" treatment which seems to have really worked for her.

You have contracted the wart causing HPV strain, I have stressed just like you are right now, but start to accept it, eat healthier, improve your lifestyle and get through it. There is always a chance of a relationship after this as some men are willing to accept it and some are willing to get the Gardasil vaccine to prevent contracting it. I would advise not having sexual relations for a short time while you're treating them, focus on work/studies if that's what you are doing. Personally I'm focusing on finishing my studies, then focusing on a career/job and then relationships after I've had no warts reappear for a good few months and I feel confident that is has cleared somewhat!

In terms of disclosure, that is your choice and I won't influence your decision by expressing how I feel.

Try to reduce stress, and don't smoke! Good luck!


Are you still checking this? I've been struggling with GW for the last 4 months and I'm just scared that they'll never go away. I need someone to talk to.

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Hi! Yes I'm still checking this, I'm going to the GUM clinic tomorrow to see what they can do. To put your mind at ease I know two people who've had it before and one has never had it since and the other has had a baby so I'm guessing it's not that bad. Also 4 out of 5 women get it in their lifetime and 70% of sexually active people get it.

I'll let you know how it goes and what they say!

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Thank you! Good luck tomorrow.


Hi, went the the GUM clinic today and they gave me more aldara. Before I'd only done it for one month so they said they're going to do four months straight and see how it goes. I guess medication is trial and error. Never give up!

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I tried Aldara for a month as well and it actually made things worse for me. I'm currently treating myself with ACV and also getting freezing treatments. I went in for my 3rd freeze today and the doctor said some things are starting to go away. There's still so much... I just want to be better already.


Maybe try Aldara continuously for a couple of months and don't put a lot on, its strong stuff! I had the same problem and I couldn't even walk but now I'm being really careful. I tried ACV and unfortunately it didn't work for me but everyone is different. You've just got to keep trying and going on, everything comes to an end eventually.


The Aldara didn't work at all for me. The only things it did were make it spread and give me flu-like symptoms. I would throw up and feel like I was going to faint. After the month of being on it, another doctor looked at me and started freeze treatments on me. She assumed it would go away after one treatment, but when I came back, I knew it had gotten worse which is strange because freezing shouldn't make it spread or get worse. She told me that she thinks taking the Aldara in the first place made it worse because my body had a bad reaction to it.

ACV sucks, but it's the only treatment so far that gives me any kind of results. This will be my second go at it and I'm hoping the virus will just give up the fight and go dormant. I've been loading up on vitamins just trying to kickstart my immune system.

This stuff is just terrible. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. I've had them since January. I didn't know what they were at first so I picked at them and pulled them off my skin...I more than likely made it worse for myself. The very first doctor didn't think anything of them. I was tested for all of the STD's which I was negative for, but she found out that I had a yeast infection and bacterial infection. So she put me on some antibiotics and also prescribed a drug for HSV to "get rid of the bumps" which did nothing.

It's been an uphill battle. I started dating this amazing guy at the beginning of December and had to explain everything to him once I found out. He's been very supportive and kind throughout all of this, but he's a man. I know he has needs just like me. I feel like a defective girlfriend and we just started dating... we should be having lots of sex and we can't right now. Isn't it ironic how you're supposed to be stress-free because it'll only trigger the virus if you aren't, but I can't think of anything but trying to get rid of this.

I'm sorry for venting... oh lord. I just can't really talk to anyone about this.

I hope you're having a good day.



I doubt you're still looking at this

But how have your treatment been going or went.

I was diagnosed with GW a couple months back and just started treatments with hydrogen peroxide and acv

So far results have been fine.

I also am in a long term relationship and informed my partner of my condition and we continued sex as normal.

Only thing was I didn't want him to get the warts but he doesn't seem to be bothered by it at all.

Yh I'm venting too sorry but it's been on my mind a lot lately and thought I was the only one suffering this bad.


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