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condom left inside me..?

okay so basically i was having sex with my boyfriend and he pulled out so we could change position and then we noticed that the condom came off. we checked the sheets and on the floor but couldn't see it so i checked inside of me but couldnt feel it. we then got another condom and carried on but he didn't come inside me(even though he had a condom on) almost 2 days later when i was on the toilet the condom fell out. I was really embarrassed at first and then started freaking out thinking that I could have gotten pregnant from the precum in this 2 day old condom. anyone know the chances that I am or not?

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Dear supergirl,

If the condom came off then think of it as unprotected sex. The risk of pregnancy is less if your boyfriend didn't come but it's not zero.

If pregnancy is something you definitely don't want then it might be an idea to take the emergency contraception. These can be given up to five days after the sex but work better the sooner you do. You can get emergency contraception free from your GP, sexual health / GUM / family planning clinics, A&E and for a charge from some pharmacies.

If you're not sure then go and talk to them anyway. They can give you advice. Also think whether you need to be checked for STI's.

Kind regards.



If you are not on regular contraception you are at risk of pregnancy and need to take emergency contraception. If it's been over 3 days since the sex you're worried about its best to head to a sexual health / family planning clinic as you may need different emergency contraception than is normally available over the counter in the chemists.


has more detail

and find a free and confidential NHS clinic here fpa.org.uk/helpandadvice/fi...



Even if it is more than 72 hours after unprotected sexual intercourse(UPSI) or condom failure (or any doubt regarding condom use) there are emergency contraception (morning after pill/post coital contraception) which are available either in the form of oral pills or as an Intrauterine device (IUD). These are available in all the Community Sexual and Reproductive clinics (CASH) and some of the GP surgeries. It is advisable to seek advice from CASH clinics regarding the need for emergency contraeption irrespective of time limit. There are situation where IUD can be inserted even after 3/5 days of UPSI


The only way to confirm and give you the assurance is take a pregnancy test. The Pregnancy test kits are available from the pharmacy and some bigger stores..


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