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Thyroid problems


I wonder if anyone can help Iv been having problems for quite some time And I have come to a conclusion that it could be an undiagnosed thyroid problem, I wonder if and how you got diagnosed and what symptoms you had, my main symptoms are hair/thinning brittle nails more facial hair muscle aches especially shoulders neck and arms problems with my fertility unable to sleep properly due to waking more than 5xto urinate at night and a lumpy thing in my throat when I swallow, my Nan is diagnosed with an underactive thyroid and my great Nan, could it be possible that I have it too? Ivbeen for so many tests to rule loads of other things but never had a thyroid function blood test which I’m due to have but I’m on antibiotics for a uti so I’m worried the antibiotics will make the results come up differently and they just say there’s nothing wrong please help x

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