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How concerned should I be about spreading oral herpes?

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I’ve had oral herpes since I was about 13 and only recently found out that even when there is no outbreak or symptoms, there is still a risk you can pass on herpes.

This has led me to become almost phobic of touching my own lips in case I spread it to myself genitally and I’m particularly scared of passing it on to a partner.

I’ve stopped oral sex completely which is a loss for me and I feel I’ll always have to worry about kissing too.

I was just wondering if others who suffer from oral but not genital herpes restrict themselves like this or whether I should stop worrying as much as I am?

I’ve never heard anyone else talk about this but loads of people have oral herpes and continue to give oral sex etc so I’m confused and could do with some reassurance.

Thanks in advance for the help :)

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Its extremely unlikely you would pass it to your own genital area - you will have antibodies to the herpes virus from your previous mouth lesions, so your immune system would react to the virus instantly at another site.

If you get recurrences of oral HSV - yes there is a small chance of asymptomatic transmission. Sometimes people who have never ever had a visible ulcer can asymptomatically transmit to a partner either orally or through penetrative sex. It is low though . The chance of transmission through unprotected vaginal sex for instance without the presence of any active lesions is estimated to be 5% per year.

Remember by the age of 50, 1 in 2 of us have HSV antibodies. So its super common. You are in the 10% that get symptoms.

There isn't an easy answer on this I'm afraid. I would read up on the HVA website : it offers excellent advice.

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Problem2000 in reply to Galen70

Thank you so much for your reply, yeah I wish there was just a way to turn it off or cure it hahah.

Your message has helped reassure me though thank you, I’ll look into it further.

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Galen70 in reply to Problem2000

Yes it would be great if there was a cure or a vaccine - alas many attempts have failed. However there is excellent drug therapy in the form of acyclovir or similar antiviral medicines. There are no preventative therapies however ( apart from taking daily acyclovir , or possibly the lemon tree extract balm mentioned on the HVA website ) . There is a lot of inaccurate information about the herpes virus on the Net, so stick to proper sources.

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Problem2000 in reply to Galen70

Yeah I’ve noticed that, a lot of people and sources contradict each other and there’s not an awful lot of statistics either which doesn’t help.

Hopefully one day they’ll find a solution but for now it’s just a case of managing, thanks for your advice and time.

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Galen70 in reply to Problem2000

most welcome. The advice on HVA is correct.

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Rocksalt in reply to Galen70

Sir I want to know if we have herpes do we have constant clear discharge from urethra. I m just confused.

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Galen70 in reply to Rocksalt

if someone has an outbreak of genital herpes, it is possible to get a clear discharge from the penis . This should resolve when the herpes episode resolves.

Hey man, I know first hand what its like living with this disease and yes there is a cure. I was extremely relieved when i first found this out. I'm 3 weeks into this medication and Its very powerful. See for yourself:

These kind of videos are shameful. They use fake medical and scientific evidence to promote so called "cures " . In fact, this video uses extremely shameful, stigmatizing phrases like " your dirty little secret " What they are saying , is absolutely untrue. They are claiming that their antibody response to HSV vanished after this "treatment" . Even if it was a cure, that antibody response would not vanish. It is the bodies memory of exposure. Using phrases like "damaged goods for life " is disgraceful when 50% of the population have antibodies to herpes simplex. I have personally emailed some of these companies asking for their scientific data and they don't reply - why ? because they are fake. Speak to a proper specialist if you have recurrent HSV and get real advice and management. Don't listen to the quacks and snake oil sellers.

I have emailed this company asking for their scientific research and will post any reply if given here.

I can only emagine what your going through but im pretty sure that it is passed only during an outbreak I came across a proven treatment for your situation and have heard nothing but good things if you want to check it out go here

Hey thank you for your reply, this seems like a scam...any change anyone has used it themselves?

Hey Problem2000 sorry to hear about your health, I can tell that you are concerned over this question. Here is a little something that has been phenomenal at treating Herpes.

Hey thank you for your reply, this seems like a scam...any change anyone has used it themselves?

Please note that many of the posters here sending links have only posted one thing ever - their link to "cures " and are likely spammers/con artists.

Please see my above comment. The site linked to is simply a "storefront " reseller - I emailed them and they gave me the email of the "company" who post this "cure " . I am still awaiting their reply on what their scientific data is.

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Galen70 in reply to Galen70

and still no reply

and still none ! So its fake.

Hi there, thank you for posting. Please could you check my recent post, i believe i have similar problems and would really appreciate your advice (if any). I have also ( abruptly) ceased sexual contact with my partner. I am also paranoid about sharing cups and kissing. Worried i have infected him already. I hope you receive good advice soon.

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