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Freaking out about HIV!!

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Hi, this is not something I ever thought I'd be asking but I really need help. About 2 weeks ago I ended up at a party, I was drinking and remember virtually nothing (think I had my drink spiked because this is so unlike me) but I keep having flash backs of him starting to have sex with me (I don't know him) although I think I told him to stop and I think it may have changed to oral. I don't remember how far it went and after this point everything goes black and I woke up the following morning with no pants on so I know something has happened. Recently, I have started to get a sore throat, swollen tonsils and my glands seem to be slightly swollen. I also have the cold slightly, I don't think I have the fever, but the more I google the symptoms the more I seem to experience. My question is that because these can be symptoms of HIV does this mean that I have HIV? I have booked an appointment for the sexual health clinic but it can't come quick enough and I'm freaking out, please help! Thank you.

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It you actually read the post you'll realise it wasn't something I do, it wasn't actually something I wanted to do. I wasn't on this planet, I understand your culture and opinion but without knowing the story don't refer to me as disgusting because I am not, this isn't my style and one night does not make it so. I don't remember because I wasn't on the planet. If this was something that is a habit I wouldn't be as scared as I am, I'd be used to it. The reason I am feeling this way is because I am not someone who does this on a regular basis. Please think before you judge without knowing. The reason I wrote here is because it is supposed to be about health. Anyway, thanks for your opinion.

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no i didnot absolutely mean that , but you seemed so scared that i can not prevent my self from advicing you to stop drinking and that you can prevent that from happening

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sorry if i speaked indifferencely i never meant that

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you are right that is a site for health but i couldnot prevent my self , any way i hope the best for you even without knowing you

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you also seemed too kind to me so

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AIDS is an autoimmune disease , cold coud lead to undesirable ends

so please check your self that you are void of HIV virus and not infected

, i want to pacify

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put in your knowledge that the analysis is occured only at least in 12 days accord. to type of HIV test

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It's okay, I understand that different people will think differently, but I don't want people to call me disgusting because this really isn't anything I would ever normally be in and I'm driving myself insane from worrying about it. Thank you for your advice, I can assure you I will never be in that situation again (if I'm negative) and I will never be drinking like that again. I appreciate your culture and beliefs, I'm sure the Koraan preaches compassion though, at least my friends who are Muslim always tell me that. I just hope that things are okay with me, and I can assure you I will never drink again.

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in sha2 allah every thing will be OK

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So what is the outcome

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Hey lovely!

Firstly don't let ANYBODY in real life or on here victim shame you. It sounds like what happened to you could have been rape which is really horrific and I am so sorry. It wasn't your fault!

I hope everything went okay at the sexual health clinic <3

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This sounds like rape. No means no, even if you are in the middle of making out.

You haven't done anything wrong, and shouldn't feel guilty. This happened to me when I was 14 and I got very drunk.

It is really important to deal with the physical effects, but also the psychological.

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That's an emergency urgent Care unit better do something

Peace And healing

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Hello, as somebody that contracted HIV from the girl I lost my virginity to 25 years ago, I can offer some advice. The symptoms you describe could be any one of a number of different diagnosis but you’re right to include HIV as one possibility.

When I seroconverted i felt like I had a case of a mild flu for a week.

The only way to find out for sure is to get tested.

Good luck xx

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What happened? This is six years old post

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