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(LONG POST BUT IMPORTANT) 1 1/2 year of symptoms, getting worse

I know I have done a post already but I just wanted to make another one because I need advice on the directions I should take, what I should say to my GP and other relevant information - If helped I would like to avoid having to wait 2-3 months for a useless referral which I have had to do about 5 times in the last year and a half. I will give you a timeline and the symptoms I am suffering from at the moment, any help or advice would be seriously appreciated.

July 2016 - Suffering from a suspected UTI, on holiday so unable to get treatment. I am on the combination pill at this point and when I get my period it is extremely uncomfortable in my vagina (as well as normal cramps) and almost itchy for the first 2 days, and this point I also have burning during urinating and need to pee more frequently.

August-September 2016 - Most of these symptoms eventually go away and I don't feel the need to go to the GP, however, I still get slight burning when I pee and the first few days of my period is uncomfortable, itchy and I get a burning sensation in my vagina and in the outer area. It also begins to become slightly painful to have sex sometimes. I am still on the combination pill.

December 2016 - I wake up nauseous and with severe back pain, after 2 days I find out that I have a suspected kidney infection and am treated with antibiotics. I am still on the combination pill and do not have sex during this time. I also have an ultrasound of my kidneys and the results come back as fine.

January 2017 - I contracted a yeast infection from the antibiotics for the kidney infection. I buy over the counter thrush oral medication which doesn't change anything and then I am told by my GP to buy a pessary 500mg tablet which clears up the yeast infection. However, I still have slight burning during intercourse and have infrequent back pain on my left side. The GP takes a urine sample and finds some bacteria so gives me 3 days of antibiotics - no change occurs.

March 2017 - I go back to the GP because of back pain and pain during intercourse and am turned away because they can't find anything in my urine and tells me to use lube. I go back again and get a vaginal ultrasound and everything is seen as normal although this is a very painful examination that caused burning inside my vagina these symptoms are disregarded as 'needing more lube'.

Summer 2017 - I go back and forth to the GP again and again, and have painful examinations of my cervix and vaginal area. Nothing is found but one GP concludes that my labia is swollen and red and prescribed steroid cream and cream to soothe the inflammation because the burning and itchiness during urination gets worse. Nothing is improved but I am out of the country so nothing can be done. I also get extremely nauseous during this time and have some vaginal discharge.

End of 2017 - I go to A&E with back pain one night and am given a 7-day course of antibiotics, this does nothing to help the other symptoms but I haven't got severe back pain for the past few months. There is also some cramping in the pelvic region and the first few days of my period are particularly painful. (Also it should be noted that during this time the first few days of my period were always accompanied by back pain on my left side where my kidney is). I have smelly vaginal discharge during this time and have been swabbed at least 5 times with no indication of infection or otherwise. Everything is apparently healthy and my symptoms don't improve.

January 2018 - I get a gynaecology referral from my GP and I have a large amount of vaginal discharge, also after my own examination I realise that I am getting urethral discharge as well. All this discharge is smelly, and a pale yellow/ bright yellow colour.

February 2018 - I have a gynaecology referral. I see two specialists who cannot diagnose me. I have two very painful, burning examinations of my vagina and cervix where they come to the conclusion that I am healthy despite my obvious serious discomfort and burning sensation. They disregard all my discharge as hormonal, back pain is not seen as an issue, and all my other symptoms are not taken seriously. The gynaecologist prescribed me the mini pill because she thinks all these symptoms were simply hormonal. The swabs she takes come back as normal.

March 2018 - The mini pill has no change, my discharge has increased to the point where I have to wear pads everyday to not have the discharge completely ruin my clothes and for me to smell. I still get naeseous every few days, and I have completely given up on having sex with my longterm boyfriend of 2 years who has no history of STI's at all. Also I get extreme itchiness and discomfort sometimes which can stop me sleeping. Peeing is still very painful and there is an obvious burning feeling.

I am completely at a loss for what to do next, I am in Manchester and have not signed up to a GP while at university but have a GP at home. Is it worth calling 111 as my symptoms are getting worse or should I wait to see a GP at home? What can I do next?

Sorry for the long post - thank you if you have read this far.

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I know it's a lot information... but I would really just like to talk to someone about it - I need help


Might be worth considering cervicitis? I've had this in the past. Very annoying, but once I had diagnosed (myself in the end because nothing else was showing up) Are you also possibly allergic to the pill? Using condoms?

I'd go back to your gp to discuss again.

Good luck!

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I'm not sure because I've been on the mini pill, two different types of combination pill and off the pill for about 5 months and the symptoms have been continuous. How did you get diagnosed with cervicitis?


See above.... We discounted everything else so I decided this was what it was.

Also consider allergies to tampons, washing powder, bath products.

I'd go back to the gp ASAP and discuss cervicitis as a possibility. Do discount everything else first.

Good luck


I think Moo is on the right track. Yes, this could be cervicitis as far as the symptoms are concerned. As there is no specific diagnostic test for cervicitis, but only a pelvic exam in which everything else that could have caused these symptoms has been already ruled out. Besides the allergic reaction, this could also be due to any old injury that is still very much active in causing troubles. Do you get lower back pain too?

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I've actually just been given antibiotics for PID - I haven't had any back pain in a few months so I'm not sure, the pain itself felt very concentrated around my left kidney so does it count as lower back pain?


I really feel like you need to find a different gynecologist who will listen to all your symptoms and figure it out. Your symptoms seem to be female related and they should be more in tune than a GP. You need to find one who is a specialist in gyn and not an ob doctor. I prefer male doctors and have always had better luck with them and they seem to be more compassionate in these problems. Good luck and I hope you find the answers.


What colour is the discharge..

Pills etc (contraception) is really bad for our bodies yes they do us a favour.. , I know you have a boyfriend and don't want to get pregnant but I am sure he understands your situation and tell him ur going off the pills for a while.

I have been on everything from pill, injection depo, coil, implant it's all fucked my body I had the depo I have really heavy discharge fucked up my clothes all my GP and sexual health clinics didn't know anything the NHS is useless I went from my gp to sexual health clinics to even private ones I even paid because I was in such a panic but all tests clear.

The best thing to do is come off the pills, every night go for very hot water baths and put a few sparkles of salt u feel like u are burning and discusting in this but it helps after run the shower. Get an ice pack and put it towards ur itchy skin also take ibrufen tablets if u can, not paracetamol etc

It won't happen over night but I think these things will help u. Try this for a month baths etc but try to stay off the pills for a long time as they do fuck up your body

I thought I had PID and my overies etc were not working the doctors were bullshit to be honest but I tried alot of things myself and got the tests everything is clear but coming off the contraception I feel so much better as my periods came back after a year now I don't have any discharge anymore

Ur symptoms sound similar to what I have had in the past but your itching sounds more worse. I got back pains pelvic pains constantly but if all tests are clear then it's got to be hormonal imbalance or could be something more serious but start to write emails and letters complaints and try different methods

Hope this helps


Thanks for your reply, I should go and see the gyn again - they really didn’t listen to half of my symptoms haha. I actually have already come off the pill and have been off it for a month at least now and have already started having natural periods again. I haven’t had sex in months either so that’s not an issue right now anyway. I’ve also been on antibiotics for PID for a week now and I’m failing to see any changes.. :/ pain and soreness on the outside and inside of my vagina seems to be the most prominent symptoms


Coming off the pill or other contraception can take at least 6 months to stop side effects. My contraception finished in December and some of the side effects have gone but still have some even tho I had went to the gp so many times they always reply don't know and give antibiotics or do blood tests. I always go in with a list of conditions and ask would I have this or this but they throw antibiotics anyway.

Hope ur side effects will start going away and u get better soon but always keep going to GPS to double check

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