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does weather make symptons worse


do you find the weather affects your ataxia i dont know if its because i have asthma but i feel worse in the damp weather than i do when its sunny.i am also on facebook if anyone would like to add me

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Too much heat makes me feel quite dizzy and more unstable.

too much heat affects me to but im worse in damp cold weather as it affects my asthma and when im wheezy i struggle with my walking and get tired more easily

i find too much heat makes my dizziness worse but the cold makes everything much more painful and damp weather affects my joints so i'm a complete nuisance lol. gossy i'm on fb if anyone wants to add me - moira harris, live in blackpool x

Heat doesn't bother me, the hotter the better, i hate being cold, i hate rain.

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I am with you preferring hot to cold. I cannot do too hot, but in the cold everything seizes up!


I am glad I am not the only one who thinks this in the cold I turn into a tin soldier

[stiffen up]

Hi, I now live in Spain, when I visit UK I do feel worse so I do think weather does affect Ataxia.

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thanks i thought it was only me with having asthma as well that when its damp and miserable like today i have trouble with walkin

Personally any extreme weather makes my symptoms worse, whether it's too hot or too cold and damp. Either way it makes me more dizzy and unstable, so the weather definitely affects mine.

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