Does very windy weather affect anyone elses' symptoms?

On Thursday it was extremely windy in Yorkshire. I couldn't keep my balance and didn't go out of the house all day (after the school run) It made me feel very dizzy, off-balance and tired, more than normal! I am only just starting to feel my normal ataxic self- had to leave work early on Friday & spent most of yesterday laid down. Has anyone else suffered these problems because of the weather or am I more strange than I thought?!

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  • Hi jonbon the cold seems to afect me when I am out in the cold I seem to turn into what I can only discribe as a 'tin soldier' all my movements seem to be stiff does anyone els have this problem

  • Hi Johnpa

    I am exactly the same and must look a sight down the street but hopefully it will start getting warmer now. I managed to get the old barbie out on Saturday! But I never used to be like this in fact quite the opposite .

  • The wind in Yorkshire on wednesday and thursday caused me to remain indoors as any really windy day makes staying upright an impossibility, it seems to be one step forward 4 to the side and 4 back, it is horrific .

  • Strong winds do affect my balance but there are no after-effects. I live in Jerusalem where high winds are frequent. I try to see walking through them as another exercise. I am not always successful. N

  • It looks nice outside so I stagger out to the garden and get blown over,walkersand all.

    The wind was very strong and I could even feel buffeting on my heavy road scooter.

  • The weather has a similar effect on me, and when it's very cold, it seems to have an effect on

    my eyesight.

  • Yes, the wind effects my balance, as it's horrendous anyway. I use a cane, but still have problems staying "upright". Also, cold temps make me more "stiff" then I already am, and if it's too hot and humid, my body doesn't like that either. I don't feel stiff, just ill. Ataxia is not my idea of a good time. that's for sure...,ha! ;o)

  • cold weather def makes me much stiffer - tin soldier effect just like johnpa.

  • I do feel unsteady when the wind blows, luckily I hang onto my husband otherwise I would'nt venture out. Cold definately gives me the 'tin soldier' effect haha like johnpa, oh well we all make the best of things.

    Don't get blown away ha


  • I feel stiffer in the cold and my TV reception is worse. Winter weather isn't good.

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