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does eyesight get worse with cerebellar ataxia

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my 14 yr old son diagnosed with CA 2 yrs ago, now wears glasses for reading etc, but now saying things are blurry and looks up with his head down, if that makes sense. anyone else experience this.

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I guess it would depend on the type of Cerebellar Ataxia you have. I was diagnosed with CA (cause unknown) in March 2010 and I have not noticed any major changes in my eyes yet.


hi lindadoc,

i was diagnosed with spinocerebellar ataxia type 2 about 2 months

ago, i need glasses for reading i know my eyes r getting worse, i two

am seeing things going blurry even when im putting salt on my tea

the plate of food starts going blurry, i find when im on the laptop my

head is down so it nearly touches my chest but my eyes are looking

up in the air which then gives me neck and shoulder pain, i have also

noticed that when i go to do certain things like have a drink my eyes

just close on there own.

take care



Hello there

I have SCA1. I know that my eyes react more slowly as the ataxia progresses and that people with my sort of ataxia frequently have double vision. I also have a tendency for my eyes to be very light sensitive. This comes and goes.

I need reading glasses, but this is normal for my age the optician tells me!

All the best



I wear glasses. But their are times when I can not see properly, I then wait a few min., and it passes.

Regards Daphne.



I have SCA6 and have double vision and nystagmus as it progresses its getting slowly worse.


in reply to loopylainy

have you found a treatment for the bad vision ? i also have sca and have double vision and nystagmus constanly


I have CA too but there is nothing wrong with my vision but I can,t see close up.

I thinnk it is the muscles slowing down as the room goes round and round.My close up focus is impaired which makes me clumsy as I cant see things properly. I akm always knocking things over so I think it is sight and ataxia .I had assumed it was my age as I am 53 now.The toothpaste usually ends up down the plug hole and the toothbrush in the bath!!


ps I think Dsphne is right.We have to slow down.


Helo Lindadoc

I have Cerebellar ataxia (unknown origin). I wear spectacles (varifocal) full time my eyesight is terrible without them My optician said my eyesight was a 'consequence of age'. He did conceed that the ataxiia had probably hurried it along but it would have happened anyway"

This condition brings with it vertigo and nystigma, that is enough. Try not to worry, I know it's easier said than done. Visit your optician, tell him and get a stronger prescription.

Take care



I have SCA diagnosed ab out 20 yrs ago, anyway I already wear glasses. I have noticed that over the last few years my night vision is terrible, it's not too bad in the day unless I'm really tired.


My son had an eye test yesterday optician said he can't see what he could see 2 months ago but stronger glasses won't help, she also noticed movement in eye, think he is referred for further tests


I have been wondering this myself as I experience blurring and watering of the eyes.

I find myself washing my face with clear water several times a day to try and clear the eyes. I've tried eye drops (two different types) but these don't help really with this particular problem. Great for general tiredness of the eyes, but do nothing for the blurriness and wateriness (is that even a proper word?).


Yes it does depend what type of cerebellar ataxia you have. Because I was diagnosed with CA when I was only a baby I have worn glasses all of my life and I just thought that because my mum had to wear glasses I had to wear to does anyone else thinks this?


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