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when to listen to your own body

when I was diagnoised with sca6 I had difficulty accepting I would need help with my walking as I was so used to walking all over rarely used buses unless I was carrying heavy bags so when I got a walking stick it took me ages to adapt to it .It was only when I was asked to do a trial that I was advised I was a danger to myself and others using a stick that I got a Rollater which took me a while to adapt to at the begining of the year I got a wheelchair because I suffer from asthma and I live in quite a hilly area its an assisted one ,I am just starting to use it 2 reasons stubbornness and I need someone to push me mean I spend more time indoors than I would like .I still try to use rollater but walking all over the place now and really tires me .I never did get an apology of bus company so im still anxious about using buses if by myself .When I got wheelchair I was told not to rely on it but when do you know when your body is just to tired to walk I get tired just walking up my street now im trying to keep walking for as long as I can but its getting more of a struggle especially now weather is getting colder

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Hi Gossy. I am a member of my local Dial-a-bus company who come to my door. They will then take me to my local shopping centre and pick me back up at specific times.

Perhaps maybe you have a simmilar service in your area? Its a great help to me. Iain


we used to have a service but due to cut backs it was withdrawn


Hi Gossy!

I'm quite indignant on your behalf that you haven't had an apology, it's not

good enough.

Carrying shopping bags while leaning on a stick, possibly trying to control an

umbrella as well, does take multi-tasking a step too far, why do we try?

Where I live is flat thank goodness but the pavements outside are just an

accident waiting to happen. They're forever being dug up for one reason or

another, and repairs are never smooth, have they never heard of a spirit level?

Also, they can slope like the camber on roads, making them at odds with trying

to balance. So I don't walk anywhere here unless I'm desperate, give me the

Metrocentre anyday! I hope I haven't bored you, once started I don't know

when to stop!


nice to hear from someone who lives near me though I must admit I find the Metrocentre hard work I think next time I go it will have to be in wheelchair .


Hi Gossy!

I was thinking of you on the way to Stansted, we were driving past the Angel

of the North and I realised how hilly most of your area is. You probably

already know wheelchairs can be hired at the Metrocentre, handy if anyone

arrives there using a rollator and finds they get tired.


Feel free to add me on facebook gossy, it is my way of keeping in touch with my family who are all 80+ miles from me .


trying to find you quite a few people with your name try adding me linda gosnell (look for sandcastle)


The area I live in is all hills,even our drive and footpath are uphill., the Wolds Way centre is in village so you can maybe tell. I hav both rollater and wheelchair - but need help using both as the hills are so steep, so i rarely go outside. I can;t use sticks as I have no co-ordination due to MSA


Hi Lindilu!

As I've mentioned before, I'm very lucky where we live is flat BUT -

our house is up for sale! If we ever sell it - I just hope we can find

somewhere similar.


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