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Sorry this topic is loaded towards the ladies but it is important. Putting on make up when you have tremours is very difficult indeed. The mascara brush seems to have a life of it's own!!! The answer is to put a large foam handle on the mascara brush and go to the make up not the other way around. I put everything I am going to use on a flat surface and I go to the items. I also use a round mirror magnyfied on one side, similar to those used by Men when shaving. It's not the perfect solution but it does help

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  • this is an issue for me, too. I do not have tremors, but my co-ordination is v.poor. Thanks for your advice about mascara - i wonder if that would work with lipstick. can you manage eyeliner - i'm considering permanent liner. Yes, a magnifying mirror helps.

  • All great tips!

    I just have loads of cotton buds to tidy-up the smudges at the end : )

  • Hello Medea

    I find the lipstick big enough but I can't see the foam not working, you can get various sizes of foam. Although lipstiicks do tend to be two widths so it may be akward. As far as eyeliner goes, I don't use one. I shadow with eye make up (it is easier to hide mistakes!!!). For puttting on mascara, put the brush in your hand,put your elbow on a flat surface then blink at the brush, don't take the brush to your eye, do the opposite. It take some getting used to but it works. You can have your lashes dyed but remember they will always be the same colour.

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  • Hi all,

    I have my lashes tinted (dyed) each month. I have quite fair lashes, so I get brown/black but people with darker lashes can get black/blue. I found using mascara far too hard and now getting them tinted is so much easier, I really can't be bothered with mascara. I don't use lipstick,


  • Hi AliceS

    I get my lashes tinted aswell and my eyebrows, both are fair. I can't be bothered with mascara either and I also don't wear lippy. I'm in Spain a lot so the sun tends to bleach them, you're meant to go every 6 weeks but I just leave it for about every 2 months. I don;t think of SCA much, there's no cure anyway, just get on with life as much as I can, bit wobbly at times haha people probably think I've a drink problem. I was diagnosed in my 30's, I'm 55 now & nothing drastic has happened, thank God.

    Keep well

  • I don't wear make up but if I do to go out it goes all over the place.Even worse is hovering over your chin with tremors and tweezers.You end up pulling half your face away.

  • Hello dear "Fifa",

    I have forwarded to our German and Austrian " lady sufferers" at

    your suggestions on foam handle & round mirror



  • Hello Jurgen

  • Hello Jurgen.

    Thanks. Hope it helps.

    Take care



    PS Say hello to evverjyone for me.

  • will try these tips - I too find mascara very difficult!

  • In my book beauty is mostly skin deep. Why bother with make-up at all? Then again I'm a man! I would find it hard to empathyse.

  • Iain25 my husband is with you, thank goodness! I can hardly believe that at one

    time I wouldn't set foot out the door without my false eylashes and a face full of


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