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Cocktails anybody?

So just musing today . . .

The number of molecules that are currently in clinical trial or close to clinical trial that work at the root problem of many neurodegenerative disorders (protein aggregation) is growing day by day. I have to believe that in the coming years doctors will begin to discover "cocktails" of these meds that when taken together will be able to halt or slow the progression of many neurodegenerative disorders. I know we all want answers today, but honestly I believe in my heart that real relief is only a few short years away.

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and, this list is nowhere near complete.

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I believe (and hope) you are right. I just worry that the treatments won't be available to all even once they are found!


I hope you are right - fingers crossed x


I too am eager for a magic bullet but it doesn't see to be happening. Why isn everything so slow/ does the Mayo Clinic have any answers/ I admire your fortitude. N


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