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Life Mortgage Insurance

I am 53 and have cerebella ataxia. Have just moved house and having rented for 8 years have just bought a house (share equity). My wife is 51and enjoys good health. I didn't think getting life /mortgage insurance would be so difficult! (naive.........stupid) No trouble getting the mortgage but the insurance is only offering me 10 years of 15 anyone had similar issues or got any advice? Thankyou

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Hi domus

Thanks for your question. I have cerebellar ataxia. I have had life insurance for a mortgage for a good few years and am currently on a 15 year policy. I was fortunate my broker had recently gone through a period of series ill health himself and knew which insurance companies I should approach. My current policy is with Zurich who I have had no problems with.

I have attached two leaflets which you may find useful. The first is Ataxia UK's leaflet on insurance and the second is that of Genetic Alliance.

Best wishes



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