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Driving and car insurance

Hi I was diagnosed with SCA3 a few years ago after the birth of my first child. I was taking driving lessons but stopped as I had a fall and shattered the bone in my ankle. I'm thinking about starting again but I'm worried about the cost of car insurance. I was wondering whether there was a company that provides insurance for people with existing medical conditions such as ataxia or if I shouldn't bother.

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I have ataxia due to damage to the cerebellum after a dose of flu. you have to inform the DVLA and if they say you are OK to drive the insurance will accept that. it depends where you live and how old you are- I am in Greater London and use my attendance allowance to pay for cabs as I find even if I drive somewhere I cannot walk far so it is better to have a cab that drops you off at the venue you are going to. My insurance is very expensive now so am thinking of giving up driving- all the best- do you learn on an automatic as that is so much easier ? don't give up too soon love Sylvia

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I have CA and as I have a licence which means DVLA are satisfied I'm fit to drive

my insurance didn't change

I had to deal with two Department because I've got mild diocular, nystagmus reduced ocular suppression

DVLA is a slow process they got confused ending up with two licences



Hi Eveie78

As far as I am aware there is no specialist insurance company but make sure you tell them you have Ataxia and also notify the DVLA. (By law!!)

Your doctor and neurologist will let you know whether you are fit to drive but also I think you will know yourself

I have found that with the saving on buying a car, service, tax & insurance petrol etc etc you can pay for a lot of taxis and buses although obviously the convenience is not there

I am waiting for a driverless car so that I can become a back seat driver!?

Best wishes. Ted

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If you have DLA or PiP at the higher level you could think about getting a car from Motability, the deal with them includes insurance (and servicing)

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I was thinking about that because my brother does it.


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