Need Advice on Travel Insurance

Need Advice on Travel Insurance

One of my Pension Policies is due to pay out soon and I am planning to visit my elderly parents in South Africa before it's too late.

Can anyone give me some recommendations about getting travel insurance, as I had a bad experience with the company that provides travel insurance as part of my bank account benefits? I thought I was doing the right thing advising them of my Ataxia, but the conversation went downhill as the agent simply didn't understand at all about Ataxia (although he claimed he did). He thought I might have an 'attack' while travelling, and at the end of the conversation declined to give me cover.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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  • Hi Wyndham:-)

    It's so hard to know what to do for the best isn't it? You want to be frank

    and upfront in case non- disclosure effects your cover. But, sometimes

    too much information can work against you.

    I heard a Neurologist advise against giving too much information to people

    who didn't understand the situation. I know to my cost how much impact

    this sort of thing can have.

    I recall previous discussions about travel insurance, and there were some

    positive comments about cover :-) xBeryl

  • Hi Wyndham I have used fish travel insurance before and for this years hols they have ataxia listed so know about it hope that helps enjoy your trip x

  • Thank you gossy - I insure my mobility scooter through fish, so I'll give them a call

  • I use direct line, they paid out last year when I fell and broke my leg so I was unable to travel, I half expect them to say you have Ataxia (noted on my policy) you fell over so it was related to Ataxia.............. or try the MS Society for their travel insurance

  • Hi Wyndham, I travelled to America this year, the first time I've travelled since diagnosis. I took out a Thomas Cook insurance, had to speak to them but Ataxia is on their list and I just had to pay £16 premium. I hope you get sorted and enjoy your trip.

    Take care

    Nicky x

  • I have CA and use . Good price too.

  • I just logged on to a comparison site in order to take out an annual policy and found no problem. I suspect that being 70 cost me more than having SCA.

  • Thanks all for your suggestions

  • Thought I would share my experience. A couple of yeas ago after discussion on the phone the insurance came back saying I had Ttourettes!!


  • I guess this will remain an on-going battle while ataxia remains a rare condition. Part of me would like it to be better known, but the bigger part is glad that it only affects a relatively small number of people - still too many of course.

  • Hi. I always use Travelbility when I go abroad. (Formerly Orbis Travel). Cater for disabled and Ataxia is listed. Easy peasy. I even recommended it to my mum who always has trouble with insurers due to her ailments.

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